1.52 * 0.5m black matte vinyl with aliexpress

I got such a film, to replace my own film, on the racks of the doors of my car, which burst from time and sun. the rest is below.
The package went exactly two weeks, this is a record for me. She came standardly wrapped in several layers of pimples and scotch:

Got what I wanted, satisfied, racks are not yetobtyagivat, but tried obtyanut thresholds. so as not to scratch his heels (for the future, keep the presentation)))). Unfortunately, the process did not take a photo ((. Sticks well, by itself with a hairdryer, after cooling even the edge is very difficult to pry to tear off. On the reverse side there is a centimeter-centered, two-centimeter, and decimeter marking on the reverse side. Well, this is standard) - 1.52 * 0.5m. On the way, the roll was slightly dented, but this did not affect the quality of the pasting.Thanks for your attention :)