100% Original Kingmax Memory Card - 16GB Micro SD Card Class 10

Deciding to buy a memory card for the DVR andnot finding anything suitable offline, I began to search the net. The price is comparable to some offline stores, but 16 GB of 10 class we did not sell below 1300 rubles (if you believe Yandex, then you can find it in 580). Having chosen almost the first store on Ali order ... waited ... still waited and finally received and was pleasantly surprised when instead of 16 GB cards I received 32 GB =). Apparently in Monday’s rush (I ordered and paid on Saturday evening) they mixed it up and sent it wrong, or not =)

Speed ​​tests

Judging by the test of its 10th grade, it seems to justify it and it arranged for me with all its “100% Original Kingmax Memory Card”