100% original – Lightning Mcqueen Pixar Cars diecast figure TOY New # 167 free shipping (pieces / lot)

This review is dedicated to toys from the children's cartoon 2006 "Cars" and "Cars 2"
In short - SUPER!
Who needs a more detailed description please under the cat:
Caution! A lot of photos!
It all started with the fact that my child looked at the cartoon "Cars" and drove him to the holes ...
Literally delirious them ... Cars, cars, cars ...

He was 2 years old.
I decided to order him these toys in China.
Check prices in offline children's storesI realized that the price of 600 rubles + doesn’t roll at all, although we have samples from the shops (they gave them as gifts, and I brought them from Germany as gifts.
The quality is absolutely identical! It seems that they are going to the same factory
The first thing that was ordered was Mac (trailer)
here: aliexpress.com/item/NEW-Pixar-Cars-2-Toys-The-Big-Size-MACK-TRUCK/519127471.html

and the main characters McQueen, Chico, Chip Tuning (King) and Sally are here: www.aliexpress.com/store/804389

Then Finn McMissl and Francesco Bernoulli from the 2nd part of the cartoon:

In addition, we already had one McQueen and Meter from an offline store:

Here is what the toy looks like in the hands of a child:

Holly Deluxe from Germany

Distinguish cars from different stores is impossible. Everything is identical and the size and method of assembly (Rivets and not bolts) Plastic is good, the wheels do not fall off.
Only the poppy had a rear mudguard and exhaust pipe outlets:

The quality is excellent, all drawings are painted and not stickers.
The son kills them as soon as possible, everything can endure only sometimes the paint flies, but what you want is broken ...
The seller is good, adequate goes to the contact and solves all questions.
Some time ago, he stopped carrying ordinary mail from China, and delivered only EMS, but it was expensive ... I wrote to him and he sent everything as I asked for free.