2.8 LCD Digital Indoor Thermometer

Thermometer-hygrometer with a clock.
Good day to all. After a long break I decided to write a review.
In short, the impressions about the purchase are negative, even though the device performs all its functions with a bang.
So, I decided to tell you about my very first online purchase from the Chinese.

Then I did not know about Muska, if I knew, maybethe choice would fall on another thermometer. I chose a thermometer for a long time for the price and functions. The main requirement was the simultaneous display of three parameters - the internal temperature, humidity and external temperature.
The link to exactly the lot that I ordered is not available, because more than six months have passed since the order, so I found a similar product.
Why did I choose this model now?I remember, but the most interesting thing was that then (as well as now) Ali had many sellers with this thermometer, but in the same building there were two fundamentally different devices: this and other. If you examine them carefully, you will seethat the hulls and even the names of the models are exactly the same, but the second option, in addition to the thermometer / hygrometer, has another calendar clock on board, which was completely unnecessary for me and even undesirable.
In general, I decided on the choice, made an order and sat down to wait, the parcel reached in about 40 days, this is a normal period for the Rostov region.
Having received the parcel notification, I went to the post office and received the long-awaited package:

Opening the package at home, I discovered a blister with a device:

The sticker on the screen alerted me, but I did not immediately attach any importance to this, printed out the blister and took out a thermometer, a removable external sensor and instructions:

But when I turned on the thermometer, I was disappointed, contrary to the description I got the model with the clock:

On the screen in the first line alternatelytime and date are displayed, in the second line the external and internal temperatures, in the third line the number of the week (by the way completely inconsistent with reality) and humidity.
This was followed by a correspondence with the Chinese, he himselfI offered to refund half of the cost, he told me how to open a dispute and request a refund (I did not know then), as a result this device cost me $ 4.83
What else to say about this thermometer ... As I wroteat the beginning, it performs its functions with a bang, but the alternate display of temperatures IMHO is very inconvenient. The thermometer worked for half a year, there are no complaints. It is powered by one AAA battery, three buttons in front, two for setting date / time and one for calling the minimum / maximum recorded temperature, there are two more recessed buttons at the back (pressed with a toothpick) - resetting and switching the scale of degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit, also there is a hinged support for the “standing” location of the thermometer on a horizontal surface; there are no “ears” for hanging on the stud. I did not take photos of all this, but you can easily see it all on the product page.
When the external sensor is off, the thermometershows only the internal temperature, not “blinking”, in fact in this mode it now works for me after receiving another thermometer, which I will discuss in the next review.