32GB Class 10 32G micro sd card memory card reader + free TF card adapter

I bought myself a video recorder and a phone in China,and there was a question about purchasing memory cards for them. And I definitely wanted 10 class and 32 Gig. In local stores, they are from 1300 in ruble equivalent. I read reviews on Muska, but nevertheless decided to make sure myself, well, and the toad advised, but at least with the price to save.

The choice fell on Ali, wandering through the wilds amongcard sellers, decided to order from this. Especially since the price was beckoning (now 25.98), and the toad whispered: “buy, buy from him ...” Judging from the description of the seller, class 10 cards, and the recording speed, he specified from 7 to 10 MB / s, plus as a gift usb-whistle.
In general ordered. The parcel went exactly one month.
Packaging: a paper envelope plastered from the inside with a pimple, there is a pimple bag in it, and the bag is already the cards themselves in the boxes and whistles.
package contents

Opening the package, I was pleasantly surprised by the inscription Samsung on the cards. The site did not say anything about it.
once again the contents

Having tested both cards, I was also quite pleased.
test of both cards

Pros: price, normal reading speed, whistle as a gift.
There are no minuses, except for long delivery by our mail.
I am satisfied with the purchase.
Well, according to tradition