350ml Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Thermometer Bottle with Zipper Bag

Hello! This is a review of a 350 ml baby thermos of excellent quality and appearance.
purchase history is as follows ... I first bought a thermosKALVE in the usual online store for 145 hryvnia, the quality is excellent, but what a bad luck ... he just didn’t get a knapsack in the kormashek ... since I never encountered thermos flasks, I thought that if I bought 400 ml, it was small (it was not so) ... And I went shopping with the task to buy a narrow and beautiful thermosimg.mysku-st.ru / uploads / images / 00/99/78/2013/01/24 / 1d6e87.jpg "alt =" "rel =" lbox "/> Although I live in the regional center of Ukraine in the 350 ml markets there is not at all ... found in Kisheni for 74 UAH rubberized and in Epicenter for 64 UAH pale yellow ... the view is not a fountain, but the child wants to hunt something more beautiful. Then I decided to buy in China (to be honest, I didn’t intend to see Sarkozy, Merkel or Obama personally….I can immediately say that the quality is excellent, indirectly, this has been proved by some Chinese certificates (most likely a thermos for the Chinese domestic market) img.mysku-st.ru/uploads/images / 00/99/78/2013/01/24 / 729540.jpg "alt =" "rel =" "lbox" "/> hereConclusion — I am very pleased with the purchase or purchases of these thermoses; I get up perfectly in the pocket of my satchel; in the classroom, the child flaunts an exclusive))) !!!