[4 colors] High-heeled Platform Cotton-padded Shoes

Good afternoon! Today I finally received my first package and decided to share my feelings. Do not judge strictly, this is my first review and I hope that it will be useful for someone.
I decided to order myself walking boots withstroller, without heels, easier and more comfortable. I found a couple of nice boots I liked on the site and ordered, the more they arranged for me very much for the price. Only $ 16.99 There was a package delivery to Belarus for 34 days and today, she, I’m already awaited,))

She brought home a package wrapped in polyethylene, rewound with scotch tape. With rubbed to the edges of the edges sticking outbox Surely with my boots they played a little football, because the box was badly crumpled and after removing the shoe from it, it just fell apart.But now is not about that! To my surprise, the boots were very personal, and I was amazed at how much light and comfortable they were! I took 40 size to my 38 and came up perfectly! A little photo) You can wear them in several versions, which is also very pleased) With careful examination, of course there were shoals in the form of not very smooth seams But this defect will not be visible while wearing, and the straps are just on the ground of uneven seams. They have a specific smell, but they don’t eat their eyes, I think they will air out on the balcony and it will be good.
Pros: 1) Naturally price))
2) Light and comfortable (which is also not unimportant)
3) Beautiful and there are several options for socks.
Cons: 1) Uneven seams
Well, it is not yet known how the socks will behave in the process of socks. But they look good, I don’t think they will quickly get out. In general, I advise you to buy! Personally, I am very pleased!
P.S. As promised, unsubscribe! That was almost a month of using this shoe. They are really intact! I will say one thing, I brought it in for repair to flash them in order to serve longer)) It can withstand 10-15 degrees of frost, more legs are cold. The slush survived adequately, not slippery in them at all. They are unrealistically comfortable !!! I did not even expect! Buy or not, you decide! But I'm really happy with the purchase!