5pcs / lot UNO Card Game Playing Card Family Fun (5 decks per lot)

  • Price: $ 21.50 for 5 decks (six months ago I took for $ 16.80)
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Uno card deck
Good day to all. After a long break, I present to your attention a small overview of the next card game.
In short: the deck is not bad.
Traditionally, first about the parcel and delivery.
The order was sent 2 days after payment, andI came to the post office after 37 days, a rather big term, of which 28 days the parcel traveled from China to Moscow, and the remaining time went through customs and traveled to our immense homeland.

The photo of the package itself was not preserved, but there was nothing remarkable in it, the standard package with a pimple in which 5 ordered decks lay. No damage was found.
At the time of ordering, this was the best price, now for sure you can find cheaper.
A box with one of the decks:

Themselves boxes of low quality, cardboardthin, the joint is badly glued, so when removing the deck the box is likely to fall apart in the hands. The problem is solved with glue or tape. I would also like to note that the boxes are inconvenient, the deck comes from a narrow hole at the bottom or top of the box, similar to ordinary decks of playing cards.
Appearance of cards:

The deck consists of 108 playing cards:
- Cards of 4 colors (blue, yellow, red, green) with numbers from 0 to 9 (76 pieces, 2 for each color from 1 to 9, and one set of 0) - regular cards.
- 8 cards “Take two”, 8 cards “Move back”, 8 cards “Pass the move” 2 for each color - action cards.
- 4 cards “Order color”, 4 cards “Take four” on a black background - action cards.
Also there are 2 spare cards "dummy".
I will not give the rules and description of the game here, the game is quite famous, but if someone does not know, read Wiki.
There are no special complaints about the printing and quality of cardboard. The cards are clearly of better quality than in the previous review of the financial. There are no bruises, but in some places there are small spots of paint.
The price is pleasant game player the original deck costs 350r, which is about 3 times more expensive.
I myself left one deck, the rest went topresents. I play rarely myself, but I think that with active use the deck will quickly lose its appearance. Of course, you can purchase protectors, but now I would recommend better to take Uno H2O, a plastic deck, on game player it costs 790r, and Ali can be found for $ 9.79 in retail, i.e. at the price of the original cardboard deck, which, IMHO, is very good.
Several photos from the battlefield

P.S. In the link to the store is not the lot that I ordered, because In the Ali profile, the link is stored for six months, but I found a new lot from the same seller I ordered.