7 ″ Allwinner A13 N740 Tablet PC 5 Point Capacitive Screen Android 4.0 Cortex-A8 1.2GHz DDR3 512MB 8GB ROM Webcam Wifi

Good day.
I ordered several tablets for myself and my friends and now I want to share with you my impressions of purchase and use.
This is a review of the first tablet and in general my first review on MYSKU.
Why did you decide to order this tablet. can be added to the pre-sales pluses.

- Completely white
- recessed display
- The rest is the same as everyone else.
- up to 65 USD
- Android 4.0.3
- 7 "capacitive controller for 5 touches 800 * 480
-Allwinner A13 1.2GHz (as it seemed to me Boxchip wakes up dumber, although the difference is only in the manufacturers, but it feels like)
- DDR3 512MB, 8GB (not 4 as usual in the budget).
- writes “1.3MP Front Camera”, but we know 0.3
- 2600 mAh
Why Aliexpress
- The price tag is lower compared to other stores. Many stores have their own sites there, such as TomTop, GameSalor and their price tag is lower than in their own store.
- at least some kind of protection in the form of Escrow
- The choice of tablets is much more than anyone else
generally a healthy competitive environment.
- The choice here is clearly not by name)))))
- adequate product description and real photos
- More than 5000 sales and 99% positive reviews. Of course, after reading the negative reviews, to know what to expect, they realized that the seller is real, and 1% - inadequate hysteria.
- The seller is well informed about the product and answered all without decorations
paid MasterCard Gold. unfortunately I have never been able to get a 5 USD discount advertised by them for 150 USD for paying MC on weekends. so I can not say how much it is real.
Sent within 2 days before the autumn holidays, which I can not say about other sellers who scored on everything and left to plump.
RA651341795CN - 32 days. much or little ... in general, as usual for me through the CN Post.
I am picking up without waiting for the receipt, but left the local sorting center according to the status, otherwise there is no waiting.
Packaging "Hello Russian post from the Chinese." as always crumpled. but the Chinese tried and dented only the corners. The tablet is lined with foam plastic wrapped with tape. another plus seller.
Now about the tablet itself.
- standard box as for 90%
- tablet in bags and bags
- charging. Now goes flat ... much more convenient for storage and use. when using it turned out that and better.
- miniUSB-USB A cable
- Adapter miniUSB-USB B
The surface is rough, before that I saw this model is glossy.
The main thing is that everything is whole, everything works, the touch is not broken.
After switching on, it immediately went over to Russian and set up the clave.
further file. Easy to connect to NETGEAR by WPA2
within the apartment the signal does not fall and there are no breaks.
sees all the points in the house even quite remote.
I connected the market to my Google account. and the matter went
testing birds, skype and zombies is no longer adequate, so I just ran over the free market toys
compared to other tablets, a10 is still faster. This hard digests simultaneous loading and serv.
but the games themselves go the same way. All that went through none of them flew or braked. only Dungeon Defenders is not very playable on it. does not seem to slow down, but sometimes it stupidly.
If the body is bent on the "twist", then all the backlash. it is made like a sandwich ... the back and face are like covers, and between them the frame connects around the perimeter ... is thick and not so secure. But I do not shake, for all the time there are no scuffs, chips or scratches.
The display is normal TF, it fades in the sun. but in the car and the room everything is visible, from all angles. I do not understand when they write that the review is 180. This is just nonsense under 180 you do not see the display, but look at the tablet in the butt. when tilting there is no light and there is no loss of colors. This is not IPS distortion, but with such inclinations under which you will not use it. Sense does not catch touch and everything is clear, even through a pre-sale film (so far it has not been removed).
I took a tablet for my daughter, 3 years, to watch cartoons on the road or at home. 8GB NAND + 8GB SD climbed all the smeshariki, fixes, meni, Luntik, and a bunch of full lengths.
+ Good performance. not top, but not slow, remember VIA 8650
+ Works 3-4 hours when viewing cartoons
+ hardy case
+ Roomy, total 16GB with all your favorite cartoons
- small screen resolution
- Backlash housing
- the lack of a full-fledged USB charge, on the model with the A10 it was.
- there is no back button and menu ... it is more convenient with them than with the menu at the bottom.
- the ridiculous design of the camera a big hole on the front panel glued with a white circle. No IR illumination.
- The inability to update Skype. Only one version normally supports Allwinner video calls.
- It is difficult to find the firmware.
A photo

I will also write about Q88, EKEN W71, RK2091, LY-F8S, Sanei N77, Momo9, MD7, Dropad A8T and others soon.