7 ”Capacitive Cortex-A9 NEC Renesas EV2 in my opinion the best Chinese tablet

I use this device for more than 2 months, the impression is certainly excellent, of course there are pitfalls, but where are they not? I am glad that the cons are not so much. And now more ...
I'll start with a complete set, or rather what I had in the kit:
1 x Tablet itself
1 x US charging

1 x English instruction
1 x USB data cable
1 x Stereo headphones as a gift (for immediate release)
1 x Stylus as a gift (I wonder why they put it, because the screen is capacitive, and the stylus is plastic, it does not work on a capacitive screen).
All the photos I do under the spoiler (that would not be very distracting).
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Dimensions: 195mm × 115mm × 13mm
Weight: 430 gr. (he did not weigh)
Screen resolution: 800 by 480
The first thing I liked about the captive wasvery good and high-quality capacitive screen 7 inches. It works very quickly, I do not even have time for it)))). Screen multitouch 2 points (very convenient to increase and decrease.
The G-sensor works great too, but you need to get used to the games.
I liked the presence of a blue tooth in it (Bluetooth), it is convenient to connect a BT headset to it about which I already wrote yesterday, as well as an external GPS via BT.
New models are already coming with built-in GPS modules, I have one without it, and I don’t need it, because There is in the phone, and already if you need to buy an external one on BT.
Now about the Internet. The Internet is connected in 2 ways, via wi-fi and through an external 3g modem (almost all Huawei modems are connected). There is no problem with the wi-fi connection, if you connect it to the router, you have not tried it otherwise. Modem 3g is connected via an adapter, which comes bundled and works fine. But first, the modem needs to be transferred to the modem only mode.
The performance of the tablet is at its best, here is the processor information:
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Almost everything works fine and without brakes.
Here are a couple of tests, firmware 0827, before this was 0729, it seemed to me to be faster (in the second test there were more than 1300 parrots). Screenshots from the new firmware:
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Games do not all work, because Compatibility errors, but some 3d work, for example, Nid for Speed ​​went without glitches and brakes, but Asphalt 6 crashes after the splash screen. Since I'm not a fan of racing for me it is not critical. I play sometimes in “evil birds”, they go without brakes and glitches.
I do not read e-books, for this I can not say anything.
There are also problems with video, not all fideo files play in HD quality, they need to be converted, for me this is also not critical, since I like more movies on the tablet.
Built-in 4GB memory, 512MB RAM and that's enough. Memory cards are supported up to 32GB, I tried only 8GB, it works fast.
Sometimes there are hangs, apparently the firmware has not yet been finalized, the Chinese want to transfer the tablet to Android 2.3, for now 2.2.
I liked the presence of touch buttons (back,search, menu and home). Here are just a minus of these buttons, the fact that they are not illuminated and ooooochen sensitive. Although the new firmware has a way to disable them. In addition to the touch buttons, there are also the usual buttons (mechanical), namely the volume + and -, as well as the power button.
In my version there is a vibro (some go without it). There is also a built-in stereo speakers (in new versions they put mono).
Plastic is very nice. I disassembled it, here is a photo of the battery and wi-fi antenna:
Additional Information

The battery is good, as seen in the photo 3400mAh,while working without the Internet, it takes up to 8 hours, and when using portable solar charging, the time increases by two. Solar charging is not cheap, I bought about 70 greens from the Chinese (I'll write about it later, because I gave it to a friend for a trip to the sea)
Wi-Fi antenna had to be replaced, because this is not a very large radius. Replaced is very simple, instead of this, the wire is 10 cm in diameter, with a cross section of 1.5 mm. The radius of reception has increased, even if not by much, but it’s enough for the apartment (though the antenna had to be upgraded at the router).
Programs also do not all work, but there are very few of them.
Superuser rights (ROOT) are not obtained in a very standard way, but they are obtained.
Photos of the disassembled tablet below:
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There is a full photo (4.4Mb)
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Let's sum up.
Advantages of the device:
+ Very good, fast and juicy screen (at maximum brightness, you can work in sunny weather)
The tablet itself is very fast, everything that works goes without glitches and is very fast.
+ Low price
+ Presence of blue tooth
+ Ability to solder the GPS module
+ RAM enough
+ 3D games that work, go without glitches and problems, even using the G-sensor.
+ Long work tablet without using the Internet. With the Internet via 3G modem, time is reduced at least 2 times.
+ Touch buttons
+ You can charge both via miniUSB and using charging.
+ There is an output under miniHdmi (did not connect)
And now the cons:
- Discharges quickly when using an external 3G modem
- Sometimes freezes (apparently partial incompatibility of programs)
- All games and applications are not supported.
- wi-fi is turned off when you sleep
- the touch buttons are very sensitive and there is no backlight on them, even the occasional and minimal press works.
- Not all versions have GPS. There is a hole for connecting a SIM card, but it is empty (you don’t need to put anything in there, otherwise you have to disassemble the tablet to get it). Now there seem to be versions with a built-in 3g module, but its price is from $ 80 higher.
- There is a flicker of the screen when the battery is low.
- Badly played movies in HD quality.
In general, the tablet for this price is very good. If you do not want to play a lot of any toys on the tablet, but are needed as a reader or for surfing the Internet, as well as a media player, then this is what you need!
Thanks for attention! I think my review will help with the choice)))