8 ”EM86 tablet with two cameras, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G

Convenient, fast in everyday tasks, and veryan attractive tablet with a TCC8803 chip and a capacitive touch panel, stuffed with almost everything possible. Of course, there are also downsides - where do without them?
ps. The question is not on the topic: what has happened to my hands, MySKU or Yandex. Photos? Last time, I normally inserted a gallery from Yandex, and now, instead of images, I see only links. Honestly, now I was tortured to add one image at a time.

System: Android 2.3.3
Processor: TCC8803
Memory (RAM / Flash): 512 MB / 8 GB
Display: 8 ", 4: 3, 800x600, capacitive
Cameras: front VGA, main 2 million pixels
Wireless: 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Vibromotor: there is
GPS: yes
Interfaces: USB / USB OTG (host), mini-HDMI, 3.5 mm audio
Memory Cards: microSD
Battery: 5000 mAh, 3.7V
Dimensions: 212x160x18 mm
Weight: 580 g

A pile of photos outside

Background of the order is simple. At some point, I realized that the 7-inch EM73S was missing for two reasons: I wanted a slightly larger screen, and with a classic 4: 3 aspect ratio, and another camera on the “back” so that I could take pictures and scan the bar - and QR codes.
Only first of all I was guided byI wanted to buy a camera, so I wanted to buy Ainol Novo 7 Advanced, so beloved by everyone, but ran into the same nonsense as everyone else wanted: stock bought up, sellers promised the next delivery in almost a month. And, as we know, in a month, happiness transformed into completely different Ainol models, so I am sure that I did the right thing by going about desires.
Meanwhile, the desires led me on Aliexpress,where I realized that besides the two cameras I now desperately need another inch in the diagonal of the screen. And - GPS. Well, since I like at least minimally beautiful things, then 99% of the tablets with the necessary qualities (at least two cameras, I remind you) were immediately eliminated.
And when I was tired to wipe my eyes, I was lucky. EM86 appeared in the list in various configurations, where there are two cameras and 8 capacitive inches in the base, and GPS and 3G in the options. Toad tried to make its own adjustments, so I tried to buy an option without 3G, but it turned out that they were over from the seller.
That's how I decided on the model. And the seller chose from sentimentality: it turned out that the tablet is in the store where I bought my first Chinese phone, and more (not knowing) with payment via WU.
The box of the tablet is absolutely white, withoutidentifying marks. Inside there is a tablet with a protective film pasted on the screen, a network adapter (3 A / h, 9 V) with an euro plug (can you imagine how glad I am that you can charge without crutches!), A headset and a USB OTG adapter.
For my taste, the tablet in white looks just great. The plastic is glossy, accented with black edging - and it is made of some kind of soft rubber-like material.
All connectors on one side: for microSD, charging, 3.5-mm headphones, USB (OTG), mini-HDMI and standard-sized SIM cards.
There are “iron” volume buttons(What a blessing!), and everything else - search, return, context menu and main screen - hangs on the backlit touch buttons. The backlight minus is that it turns on exactly at the time of pressing, so it is rather an ornament. In addition, pressing the touch buttons are confirmed by tactile feedback - a vibration motor, simply put. A motor warning questions is a pleasant one: it does not rattle or thunder.
Cameras are really two, but they are located asand laid for the Chinese, in a completely incomprehensible way. The front one is in the corner, which is inconvenient for Skype, the main one is in the same corner, but on the reverse side, so you need to hold the tablet upside down for shooting in the “portrait” orientation. On the other hand, they are, and this is simply wonderful.
The maximum resolution of the main camera - 2 million. pixels, quality is average, no focus at all. I am aware that autofocus is not there, but this does not explain why this optics has such a soapy picture. Perhaps a protective glass helps.
Now about the job. Most importantly: I bought the tablet for the Internet, movies, music, books, and to upload pictures on the social network immediately. Therefore, super-performance, graphics accelerators and fashionable processors are not particularly important for me. And it is important that the tablet was comfortable.

The screen is not exceptional, but I like it. The maximum quality of the picture, no matter how cool, only when viewed almost perpendicular to the plane. When tilted, the picture remains acceptable for books / mail / Internet, but the pleasure from photos and video falls. In general, the usual Chinese display, as in my opinion.
Brightness margin is decent: I use the standard power widget, and have never used full brightness (usually the average position of three). On the contrary, in the car, to navigate to the minimum switched.
As for comfort. EM86 turns on quickly enough so that I can afford to turn it off to save energy. The processor is sufficient for quick response and more or less smooth scrolling of the menu. In Dolphin, pages do not scroll as smoothly as I would like, but - not a crime.
Legendary birds feel good, the background is included. Video (Mobo Player), music, Internet, Bluetooth - no questions asked.
The screen is responsive, but a bit peculiar. On the one hand, the Swype keyboard works just perfectly if you look at drawing a track and a set of words, menus and lists scroll easily and naturally. On the other hand, some buttons have to put a finger two or three times. I did not understand what it is connected with: either with my crooked hands, or with the peculiarity of the touch panel.
The specifics of Wi-Fi in this thing is that afterfalling asleep and subsequent awakening the maximum speed is limited to about 512 Kbps. And if you reboot and run to the Internet until the tablet falls asleep, then it shows the results at the level of the desktop connected to the same router (600-700 KB / s). Once it was exactly the same, the previous tablet (also EM **) behaved in a similar way.
About 3G there is nothing to say. Connected and earned right away. Depending on the location, it switches to EDGE / HSDPA, which is indicated by the corresponding icon. I am very pleased that now I have everything in one case: that is, I used to think that it’s good when the modem router with its battery is separate, since the running time of such a bundle can be longer. But in fact, the design is all-in-one more convenient.
GPS Maps first showed me somewhere closer to the North Pole (even after fixing the coordinates), that is - far beyond the Moscow Ring Road. But after a cold reset (item in the menu) and the subsequent rather long, something about 8-10 minutes of searching for satellites, everything returned to normal. Now the “warm” start takes from half a minute to a minute.
Works wherever I need: in Google Maps, Yandex.Maps, in the navigation PRO of the CITY. That's just OsmAnd for some reason, persistently mistaken in displaying the position. As for the PRO of the CITY, the map moves smoothly, the position is shown exactly, the tablet has time to follow the movement of the car (in the city).
Bluetooth A pleasant surprise: I connected the stereo headphones and found out that the sound, if it is late, I just do not notice it. Subjectively, video and sound, at least for 320p with a stream of about megabits, are perfectly in sync. And this is simply unrealistically convenient, because until now I felt like a complete idiot, when I was actually in two pairs of headphones - one from the Bluetooth stereo headset, and the other from the tablet. In general, I am very glad that I will not have to go like this anymore.
The battery life is fine with me too. With a rating of plus or minus 5-10 minutes, the following goes.
With minimal use (Wi-Fi is on,Regular checking of mail by the tablet and its irregular reading by the owner, plus an hour of reading a book and about half an hour of included 3G with viewing several pages on the Internet) this thing lives about 15 hours.
If you watch movies at 60% -70% percent brightnessand sound with headphones, then the battery lasts about 3.5 hours with some advantage (I was distracted, and I left the tablet with the screen on in pause mode for a while).
In general, I believe that this is not an exclusive, but the result is one hundred percent justifying the cost and stuffing.
As for charging, this is the saddest moment. Charging the tablet for more than three hours, from USB, of course, does not charge.
Another nice thing is that the tablet can be used and howphone. There is a dialer, microphone, speaker. Only out-of-the-box, USSD requests do not work, but I have not yet gone to Google to deal with them, since I don’t need it.
I can't say anything about the headset: only ordinary headphones are included, and the stereo headset from the Chinese device also works only as headphones. Therefore, there is a contact for a microphone or not - I do not know.
In addition to the dialer, there are almost all services.Google, including quite a working Market. But what is not - so this is the voice capabilities of Android. And if the voice search can be downloaded as apk and installed separately, and it will work, then I could not start voice control in any form. The voice engines that I found do not start (process error and all that).
In short, the pros and cons (for me, of course):
1. Beautiful
2. Convenient
3. Speed ​​for me is enough
4. Exceptionally functional (3G, GPS, Bluetooth)
1. Charges for a long time
2. No voice control