Cordless Hair Cutting Machine Kairui HC-001

Review on an inexpensive rechargeable hair clipper, with an extra attachment. At the end of the review test!
Completion of the machine for home use is not rich, 1 extra attachment, comb, grease and charger.
All this came in a plastic blister. During transportation is not affected. You can store, protects from dust and drops. For non-frequent use will go.

All in their compartments.

The seller put a keychain in the form of a ship as a gift. Trifle, but nice.

The instruction is in English.

The contents of the plastic box.
Hairbrush. Plain plastic. 18 cm long. Divided into a large and small parting.

For cleaning the machine from the hair, the kit has a small brush. Medium pile.

For lubrication in the kit there is a small vial of oil. Spout was sealed.

Charger with a specific connector. Oval-shaped and “foolproof” in the form of a slot to protect against incorrect phasing. Charging output is only 3v and 80mA.

We turn to the very typewriter.
For ease of use, there is an additional attachment. When installing, you can adjust the length of the hair when cutting from 18 to 30. On the typewriter itself installed nozzle from 4 to 16.

The adjustment is quite accurate.

The machine is big enough and well in the hand. Length is about 19 cm. Width (diameter) is about 5 cm.

Red glossy surface labeled Kairui. The surface is well collected prints and quite slippery.

Just below, to the charging connector, there is a single indicator. Shows the moment of charging and work. Illuminated in red.

Just above the manufacturer's logo isswitch to turn on the machine. Moves well without jerking. Just above the button, there is a switch-wheel to adjust the length of the cut hair.

You can see how the nozzle is adjusted when turning the adjusting wheel.

In the tail of the machine is a 2-pin connector for the charger.

On the back of the machine except for the inscriptionsmanufacturer, there is nothing more interesting. The material is similar to soft-touch. In the hands of non-slip. On the back there are 3 self-tapping screws, with which you can halve the clipper. But it did not work out completely. I can say one thing, inside there is a silicone gasket between the halves and 2 batteries welded with metal strips.

Metal knives. Convenient to clean and hopefully durable. The design is collapsible, so that changing knives or sharpening is not difficult.

In the work. Gulls nnnada?
+ Replaceable nozzles.
+ Plastic blister for storage.
+ Can be used simultaneously when charging
+ During use in 45 minutes, it was not possible to discharge the batteries and the machine did not lose power when shearing.
- Long charge