Amoi N821 3G andorid phones 4.5 ″ IPS 960 × 540 MTK6577 Dual core 1GB 4GB android 4.0 Dual SIM 8.0MP Camera GPS

Recently, this phone has already been surveyed, but I decidedalso make a review of it, because I think - the more opinions, the better. In short, this is my best online purchase, in more detail, with a large number of photos, as well as an overview of related accessories that I purchased for the phone - read below.

In November 2012, I chose a new phone. The selection criteria were: at least 4 inches diagonal, IPS screen, high performance, price no more than 200 cu At that time, I chose between Zopo and THL, but I could not choose, because they did not like their design. I saw this phone from a friend for his Birthday and immediately wanted it for myself. Having held it in my hands, having used it a little, I could no longer think about other phones and ordered myself for Ali the next day. It was the end of November, there was a new year ahead, and I didn’t particularly expect to receive it before the New Year, but the seller turned out to be very bright and after 2 weeks I already held it in my hands. After 1.5 months of use, I want to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this smartphone ...
Specifications from the seller's website

The packaged phone was very good. A lot of pimples didn’t give even a small box to mash))
The phone itself was in a nice black box made of thick cardboard, which gave full confidence in the safety of its contents.

The package is very poor: the phone itself, the battery, the Usb cable, the charger (there was no adapter for our sockets) and the protective film. Headsets - no.

There were also instructions and Chinese warranty card

In addition, separately, as a gift layone more protective film. On the phone itself was also pasted, by the way of good quality, still still on the phone. Total came out: one film on the phone, 2 new additions))

Well, the hero of the review itself - Amoi N821

The phone can be purchased in 2 colors: black and white. You can also purchase a separate back cover in different colors: white, black, orange and turquoise. Black and orange have soft touch coating, white - glossy.
I chose a completely white, because for a long time I wanted. Feelings are only positive. The body is a monolith! No backlash, squeaks and other smut. It lies comfortably in the hand, the tactile sensations of gloss are pleasant, despite the gloss, it does not slip out of hands, but there is a pleasant chill from plastic. Plastic - quality. The size is comfortable, but it is inconvenient to control the phone with one hand.
Connectors - standard. On top, the power button, micro USB and 3.5 jack for audio headphones.

On the right - the volume rocker.

On the front: a camera for video communication - 3mp, light sensors and 3 touch buttons (menu, home, back). Touch buttons have a red backlight. Black phones have white backlighting.

From the back: an 8 megapixel camera with an act-focus, a flash flashlight, a speaker, and an additional microphone for noise reduction during a conversation.
I want to elaborate on the camera. The camera is very good at shooting. There is autofocus, macro, HDR mode, as well as a bunch of settings and modes. On the street, the pictures are just excellent, very good, like for a mobile phone. Indoors in normal lighting - also nothing, in low light - noise appears. Sample photos below. All photos are clickable, but in order to lay out their site, I had to reduce the resolution a bit.
Auto mode

without HDR

c hdr

One more photo

Macro shooting - on top. The test shot by the phone is easy to read.

More examples of macro photography (toy toy machine):

There is a panorama shot:

And there is a shooting mode of 360 degrees. This is an improved panorama. That is, the shutter is cashing in and the phone is driven right around it. It turns out the photo, which can be twisted like a looped panorama. You can see the result only on the phone, because the file has a specific format or on a computer, including 3D vision in the video card.
A few words about the quality of the recorded video. As for the mobile - will remove very well.
Video shot during the day

Video shot at a nightclub. (The video was taken from the same phone by my friend. They shot a friend who participates in the contest)

Next, the screen. A diagonal of 4.5 inches allows comfortable use of the phone, convenient surfing on the Internet, to play on the phone in most games. Screen - IPS with a resolution of 960x540. For this diagonal I think that this resolution is more than enough. At least visually it looks very good, the detail is high, the pixels are not visible. Viewing angles, like all IPS are very good.

Brightness - with a margin. Personally, I use the phone - at a minimum of brightness, I have enough. Even on a sunny day, the display remains readable. There is a model similar in design and specifications, but without the IPS - N820, but it costs much less.
Performance. The phone has 2 cores of 1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM, which will allow you, for example, to chat on Skype video or play 3D games, watch any video. In the test, the antutu scored 6750 points.

More information from anttu

The phone also has GPS. I do not use it, but comrade put it on my Navitel and says that he is looking for satellites quickly. Cold start - about 3 minutes, hot - less than a minute. The readings are accurate.
Wifi - connects the phone to the Internet very quickly, about 1 second, just as quickly connects the 3G Internet. Wifi reception quality is excellent, catches through several walls without problems.
Software: From the store, the phone goes without the Russian language, but there is English. Within 5 minutes it is easy to flash a new firmware with the Russian language. I installed the firmware from from deathking. Features:
Merging the sdcard and data sections into a single 2.5 GB under data. For stability, 500 MB are given under the system
Automatic call recording is disabled by default.
Disabled by default to view details of a particular call in the log.
Removed all third-party software
Instead of GO Launcher, the standard Android launcher is preinstalled
System languages: Simplified Chinese and Traditional, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Integrated GApps
Support init.d
SuperCharger preinstalled
Reboot menu in recovery
Battery indicator with 1% accuracy
Preloaded Sony Bravia Engine
A large number of init.d scripts are preinstalled to optimize the system, memory, zipalign, and increase the speed of reading from a memory card.
Other tweaks.
On the same site you can find a lot of other firmware. The phone is popular and many firmwares are made for it.
Autonomy. To the phone is a battery capacity of 2050 milliamps. Capacity is honest!

With maximum loads with two SIM cards,many games, a lot of internet - enough for 2-3 days from a single charge. When used mainly as a phone with two cards + a little Internet, music and games - enough for 6 days

And when using only one card + a bit of internet - up to 12 days !!! For example now, it works on one charge for 8 days and there is still more than 30% of the charge left:

Although I do not argue that if you wish, you can discharge it in a day, for example, if you sit down for 4 hours in some kind of 3D game)))
Nevertheless, I have not kept so much on my phone yet, for me this is one of the most important advantages.
Finally, I want to talk about additionalaccessories that I purchased for it. I immediately ordered an additional rear panel for 8.99 from the same seller. Color - orange, matte finish. Manufacturer - Amoi (original). If you change this panel - the phone starts to look different:

I purchased another accessory separately, from another seller. This is a wallet case.
I took it as a winter version, for wearing in a jacket. In the summer I prefer to wear without a cover at all.

The seller indicated that it is leather. I do not know how to check, but it seems to be true. There are offices for credit cards, there is an office for money (bills). Very comfortable case. In size - fits well, because in general this case is for the Zopo 300, but the phones are identical in size.
To summarize.
1. Performance
2. High-quality IPS display
3. Good appearance and build quality.
4. High work autonomy
5. Ability to change the color of the back panel.
6. Low price. (now you can find it even cheaper, and from the seller I bought you can find a $ 10 coupon now)
7. Recently, MIUI and LeWa firmware have been written and released for it, which makes it possible to use a huge number of graphic themes and other advantages of the most popular firmware.
Serious cons - no! Of the small ones, I can only point out - poor equipment (no headset, no adapter for our sockets, 1 battery) and the default English firmware.
I will finish my review on this, I hope I didn’t tire you too much with my reasoning. I am pleased to answer all your questions, because maybe I missed something. Thanks for attention