Baili BD176 - shaving machine.

A brief superficial examination of a Chinese classic razor from a neophyte.
The question of shaving is burning probably for anyonemen Here and local reviews "Teshek" fell on fertile soil. It so happened that my experience of using them began and immediately ended at the dawn of youth. Soviet unnamed father machine with forgotten brand of blades. As usual, the first time was not very successful, and the impression is extremely negative. So much so that shaving with something less than two blades was no longer considered in principle since then and for many years. If it weren’t the case when everything was at hand, except for the “evil” black “Bic Metal”. It was then that a small personal discovery happened: it turns out the blades can be so sharp, and their number does not correlate with the quality of shaving as clearly as all the past years have been persistently argued by the obsessive advertising of the Gillette systemists.

As the first T-machine is often recommendedtake something softer. So was the simplest silumin butterfly from "Veysha". She, in turn, showed the other side of the coin - softness. With her, it suddenly became possible to daily wet shave without the eternal feeling that you were tearing off your skin and growing new hair, piercing through a frozen dry crust. Most of all in this respect, she somehow reminded the electric razor, the same absolutely minimal annoyance after and insufficient purity of the result. It was time to look for something more complete, and "full-fledged" to match the awakened interest. There was a thought to go the beaten path in the form of a copy of the Merkur Futur, but something stopped. And the study of the range of stores selling "brands" made pay attention to the products of "RazoRock", low-cost models for which, according to rumors, makes "Baili". The most important thing is that due to the greater respect for the “Italian”, it was easier to find information on the aggression of the machine “RazoRock DE1” (aka “Baili BD176”), which should be only two or three points higher than the “Weisha” (located at the beginning of the virtual ten-point scale of aggressiveness), but still remain a very soft machine, forgiving mistakes and suitable newcomers with a shaking hand with no shaving technique. Since softness was still in higher priority than cleanliness, the choice was made and made.
Commercial packaging provided a good quality and paper, and printing strict black box.

Looking at the early design and seeing it at RazoRock, it is easy to guess who borrowed from whom.
Additional Information

All information, exclusively in Chinese, is concentrated on the bottom of the box.

Inside the same black case.

Dimensions in 106 x 58 x 29 mm. There are legs.

Decent plastic, normal gaps, moderately comfortable latch.

Inside the molding under the machine and a pack of blades.

In the lid is a small mirror. Sits tightly, reflects (unexpectedly, right?).

With the machine inside stands confidently, empty turns over. The lid outweighs.

In general, such a convenient at first glance road case. Only blades drown, for the complete - "one thing" - for chickens to laugh.

Chrome machine unusually weighty. The total weight of 76 grams of which 50 grams. falls on 9 cm. handle.

The outer part of the head is polished like a good cat, you know what. Good fit.

Nevertheless, the processing is not up to the absolute ideal. If you look closely, you can see minor flaws.

The design of the razor traditional, consisting of three parts. The hilt, as already mentioned is heavy. The form is quite ergonomic.

Strongly curved guard with a closed ridge.

The follower-shaped guard part with powerful thread.

The tabs on the edges are designed to fix the blade.

The head assembly completely hides the ends of the blades.

Therefore, it is (44 x 25 x 9 mm.) Slightly larger in breadth.

Departure, as far as can be judged by eye, is uniform.

At approximately the same outreach, clearance andthe span at Bailey looks bigger than that of Veysha. At the same time, the blade seems to be a little more immersed in the head, and the edges for greater safety are closed by the tides of the guard.

In the work, I managed to test it only once. Photo result, unfortunately could not be done. Conditions: the bristles are stiff, two-day, balloon foam, the usual jerked technique called "scrape to the last." I will not say that we managed to achieve the notorious “baby ass”, but the razor seemed to have worked to an acceptable level, which was given by disposable blue “Jelets”. That is, the money has already been spent not entirely in vain. Worse "Bik", but much less irritation. All this with the relatively soft “Sputnik” blades. With others, the sensations are quite different. Actually the next step is to experiment with blades. In general, the machine seemed much more adult than the toy "Veyshi". Although he is not very willing, he is already going against the growth of hair on the cheek, which for some reason, my “butterfly” absolutely does not like; more conveniently worked the bends of the lower jaw, the chin. And in general, from the new head blows some confidence and hope.
As usual, I hope so modest experience will be useful. In the comments, I think, in which case they will be readily corrected.