Big Hand T-Thirt for Man / women - T-shirt with original pattern

Cotton t-shirt with original print. In short - the quality is acceptable. It was bought because of an unusual design, which I did not see in offline stores.
Summer is nearing completion, but warm weather is notin a hurry to retreat. I wanted to please myself at the end of the season with something unusual. Quite by chance on Ali saw this T-shirt. The drawing is original. In the offline store these are not met - they only come across with vain inscriptions and drawings, so there’s really nothing to choose from.

So, with the product decided, it remains to chooseseller. Prices for all about the same, the difference in the dollar. The selection criterion was the availability of delivery by Hong Kong mail, as I wanted to quickly receive the parcel.
On the seller’s website there was no information aboutsizes. My sizes: shoulders - 45 cm, bust - 110 cm, height 170. Based on the information provided by other sellers, XXL size was ordered, in the calculation that this Chinese size corresponds to the usual L.
The order was made on July 25th. The seller sent the goods on the 27th ... and, to my disappointment, by China Post. The package reached fairly quickly and was received on August 20.
What we have.
Packaging - standard gray package inside T-shirt.
Packing photos

Tags (for those who speak Chinese)

Material, as indicated on the site, cotton -quite soft, pleasant body. The seams are straight, the threads do not stick out. As for the picture: smooth, dense material, glued firmly - when trying to peel off nothing happened. When ironing is not melted. How to behave after washing is unknown. Usually similar drawings soon burst. Time will tell.
T-shirt sizes:
shoulders - 48.5 cm;
bust - 116 cm;
length - 71 cm.
Photo T-shirts

With the size you can say that I guess. Maybe a little big. I expected that it would be more tight in the waist, then the picture would look more impressive. But on the other hand, summer clothes should not tightly embrace the body.
Photo on yourself

The result: quite a high-quality T-shirt. Deficiencies not found.
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