coin album - an album for coins

Hello, I bring to your attention the reviewalbum for coins. The thing is not the cheapest, there are simpler, but in my opinion, the price / quality ratio of this product is the best. To buy such an album in a regular store is quite difficult.
photos and sizes below ...
Came album in standard yellow packageInside the album in its package and separately pages, also in a separate packageInside the album is a piece of foamconical shape, which saved the cover from being pushed through the delivery process. The size of the album is 190x225x30mm. As for the pages, there are only 20. 10 pages with pockets 35x35mm and 10 pages 45x45mm. In the first case, the page consists of 20 pockets, in the second of 12.

Title page contains an inscription for 2languages, in English and, apparently, in Chinese. Or rather, on the contrary, first the hieroglyphs, and the text below. In English, the phrase reads something like: “Professional collection album for coins,” and what is written in Chinese is not available to me.The back of the album also has some information:
Now a few photos of the entrails:Currently filled with 10 pages, whichmakes up exactly half of their number, but the photo shows that the album is full. I think a couple more pages will master this album, but hardly anymore. So the real volume of the album is slightly overstated.
Finalizing what was said: I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend it to the purchase.
Good luck !!!