CRKT Lake 111Z - Designed by Ron Lake

Influenced by the latest knife reviews, I decided to add a few kopecks from myself.
This time, I’ll talk about the knife, which the seller referred to as OEM CRKT Lake 111.
CRKT - Columbia River Knives & Tools -An American company that takes knives and tools very seriously. Design, manufacturability, quality - this is how you can characterize the products of the company.

According to fragmentary information drawn from forums and reviews, I got the impression that CRKT knives are made in Chinese factories.
And here, once, with a link to aliexpress, I stumbled upon this knife.
The title of the product was written: "OEM CRKT 8Cr13MoV Blade Folding knife hunting knife G10" - i.e. the knife is made to order and customer documentation - CRKT. How true it is - I do not know. I was surprised by the low cost. I was so surprised that I automatically put the knife in the basket and paid for it. Unnoticed by myself.
The knife came pretty quickly - it was summer, in July.
Plain nondescript box of recycled cardboard. Inside there is a mini catalog containing “Printed in USA”, and the knife itself.

The knife is not Chinese at all. It has everything else - the design, the opening mechanism, the fuse, the material and the texture of the handle lining, the surface treatment of the blade and much more - is not the same as that of Chinese manufacturers' knives.

Knife TTX:
Length: 18 cm
Blade length: 7.8 cm
Arm Length: 10.5 cm
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Blade height: 23 mm
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV
Handle Material: G10
Steel stiffness: 57HRC
Lock Type: Fuse Backlock
Weight: 100 grams

When I got the knife out of the box, I was immediately upset -the knife has a blade half with a serraytor, which I do not like. I don’t find any practical use in my life of a serrator: I don’t cut belts or slings. Even ordinary ropes are not so often broken. In the description of the product on the seller's page was a knife with a conventional blade. On this occasion, I contacted the seller and he offered to partially compensate the inconvenience. I offered to give me a discount on a future purchase. On that and decided.
But back to the description of the knife.
As I mentioned, it is very different frommost chinese knives. First of all, the quality of processing. All surfaces are smooth, the edges are clear, but the hand is not cut. Nothing superfluous protrudes, and the heads of the bolts are not cut off by the tool during assembly. Outside and inside there is not a bit of any dirt or stains.
When folded, the knife is very compact - height is 30.9 mm, length - 105 mm, thickness - 10 mm.
Handle plates have an unusual 3D texture for the knife in the form of wavy lines.

Knife frame closed. This is due to the design of the lock - backlock.

The lock has a very powerful spring and in order to close the knife, you have to put a noticeable effort. But such rigidity is an additional insurance against accidental folding of the blade.

For added security, the patented system L.B.S. (Lock Back Safety system), developed by Ron Lake - the author of the design of this model knife.
To lock the lock in the open and closed position, you need to move the safety pin forwards:


At the rear end of the handle there is a strap hole with a sleeve installed.

On the right side, in the upper corner, installedclip for mounting on the pocket. It is fastened with three screws and cannot be moved to another place. The clip itself is narrow, but tough enough and does not interfere at all with the grip.

The blade has an almost symmetrical design, resembling a dagger shape. But there are no false blades. On the contrary, the descents are very high, almost from the butt of the razor type.

Thanks to this, the knife is very painful. It is easy to bite into any material and it is very pleasant to work with it.
On one side of the blade is a laser engraving with the CRKT logo, on the other, the model name and patent number.

Serreytor sharpened on the left side.
Interestingly made peg on the blade. It is installed "on hot", without the use of threaded fasteners.

The blade is very tightly folded and folds - these are the consequences of the use of a strong spring in the lock.

The blade unfolds in the same plane with the handle. It is very convenient to rest on top of your thumb with a power cut.

Now summarize.
The knife has an interesting design, technologicalsafety lock device, excellent sharpening - shaves out of the box. Feels like high quality steel and keeps the sharpness for a long time. I have a knife for more than two months and very often settles in my pocket, and cuts paper so far. I have never ruled it.
The knife unfolds tugovato. But you can expand it with one hand. But in order to lay down, one hand will not be enough. Optimally, do it in two.
This feature implies that the knife will be decomposed for solid work, and not for a single cut - laid out, put on the fuse, worked from the heart, folded and removed.
The knife is great in the hand - the ergonomics of the handle carefully thought out.
I highly recommend all knife files to purchase this knife. Its cost is low - the family budget from the purchase does not collapse, and the pleasure of owning a quality thing will certainly appear.
The seller is very adequate. Responds quickly and intelligently. When ordering, specify the type of blade - with or without serrayator.
Some photos show dust and dirt.inside the knife and scratches on the blade. This is because they are made recently, and not on the day of unpacking. When you take close-up photos, you notice these shoals only during processing. So sorry for the "sloppy".