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Hello! I saw a topic recently about tea Pu-erh, I decided to order myself!
Made the order on November 19, sent the 23rd, came on December 15. Very good deadlines for good days!
Next, some pictures and descriptions
The package itself looks very suspicious and cool)

I barely otkovyryal it, inside was another bubble pack:

It turned out a lot! And inside is a very beautiful bag and two, as I understand it, additional tea bags!

Here's what's inside:

Of course, I counted the bags and they turned out to be really 52! I am very happy)

I meet Puer for the first time, soI didn’t know how to brew it, I couldn’t understand the whole system especially in the internet, well, anyway, of course I tried) I sit - I drink) The tea is very tasty. The pills look like this:

It seems small, but when it brewed in a kettle, it collapsed and became a full-fledged pile of tea leaves)
I will test, test, tastes, I understand it really is all different! Very satisfied.
If somebody tells how he makes such tablets (it is tablets), it will be cool to me more)