DVB-T2 tuner or watch “number” from the air.

Aerial DVB-T2 receiver for viewing digitaltelevision The device has HDMI and YPbPr (component) video output and a USB 2.0 port to which you can connect external drives for recording channels and TimeShift functions. As a media player, the receiver supports most popular video and audio formats: MPEG1 / 2/4, DivX, TS, MKV, MP3, WMA, AC3.

Progress does not stop. Did not make it Russia fully switch to digital terrestrial standardDVB-T broadcasting, as the course suddenly changed, in all newly created terrestrial terrestrial networks, digital television broadcasting will be carried out only in DVB-T2 standard. By the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 287-p dated March 3, 2012, the introduction of digital terrestrial television in the modern DVB-T2 standard in Russia is postponed from 2015 to 2012. And your new DVB-T tuner is outdated. How so, you ask, because still “yesterday” the presence of a DVB-T tuner by brisk managers of electronics stores was called the competitive advantage of your new TV? “Take this model now and in the future you will be able to watch digital broadcasting” - you heard. And so, it is - Spar Russia. Let you be comforted by the DVB-T2 standard that is one-third better than the first DVB-T digital standard, it allows you to increase signal quality by 30% and also transmit additional information in the same transmitted packet.
Buy a new TV?
What do the owners of old - analog ornew TVs, but with the tuner "obsolete" standard? Fortunately, our Chinese friends have launched low-cost DVB-T2 tuners. Buy a new TV does not have to. Hurray, saved! When I learned that test broadcasting in a new digital format began in my region, I ordered a low-priced set-top box to evaluate the prospects ...
The receiver was delivered by the China-Russian Post tandem in 16 days. It was packed in a "pimply" film and wrapped in scotch tape.

Under the film and tape there was a paper bag with hieroglyphs:

But in a paper bag ... a box with a receiver (matryoshka, pancake):

On the box in English are described the maincapabilities and characteristics of the device and the country of origin - China. As you can see, there are no hieroglyphs - the goods are clearly manufactured for export. There are no brands or logo of the manufacturer, a typical OEM product. As it turned out, not exactly this receiver on manufacturer page Shenzhen Wisdigi Digital Products Co., Ltd., (then I found his twin brother under the brand name Digisat, but more on that later).
Receiver features:

- Fully compatible with DVB-T2 format
- HDMI 1.3 output for high quality picture
- Component video output YPbPr
- Digital coaxial audio output
- Digital LED display
- SCART video output
- Record TV programs to external USB drives
- Support TimeShift function
- Media player function
- Support Program Guide (EPG)
- Convenient multilingual menu
- Support Teletext and Subtitle
Contents of delivery
Does not affect generosity.

In the box was found:
- DVB-T2 receiver
- remote control
- user manual (in English)
- user's manual (in Russian, PDF 4Mb)
Appearance and controls

On the front panel of the device are:
1. Power Button
2. OK button
3. MENU button
4. Display
5. Indicator standby
6. Remote operation indicator
7. Volume buttons
8. Channel Switch Buttons
9. USB 2.0
This is enough to control the main functions of the receiver without the remote control and display modes of its operation.

On the back of the device are switching connectors:
1. Antenna input
2. Antenna output
3. Digital coaxial audio output
4. HDMI output
5. TV SCART output
6. Component Y / Pb / Pr video output
7. Composite RCA video output
8. Audio RCA output
This kit allows you to connect a receiver.practically to any television receiver, AV receiver and to some computer monitors (on my, for example, there is an HDMI input). To connect the antenna, you need a coaxial cable with F connector.

The remote control is supplied without batteries (2xAAA).
Preparing to turn on and start the device
As you probably already understood - the prefix can beConnect to a TV or monitor using analog (component / composite) or HDMI output. In my case, a composite output was used to connect to a Panasonic TC-2150R TV. Sound can be output via HDMI, or you can use an analog stereo output. But the most unusual, in my opinion, is the presence of a third way to output sound — using coaxial output — a rarity for devices of this class. In my case, the stereo audio output was used - connected to the TV. To receive DVB-T2, I used a collective outdoor antenna, one that is used to receive analog TV. After turning on the receiver shows the splash screen:

Initially, the screensaver was different, I changed the device with firmware from the Russian clone and forgot to take a picture of the screensaver that was from the factory. You can see it in the review esteemed eshikvtumane.

At the first boot, the Assistant appears.installation, where you are invited to select the menu language, country and start searching for channels. Busting the entire range takes 5-7 minutes. After the end of the search, a list of 10 TV channels and 3 radio stations appeared on the TV screen, it turned out to be a list of digital broadcast channels of the first multiplex.

Channel One, Russia 1, Russia-2,NTV, St. Petersburg - Channel 5, Russia-Culture (Russia-K), Russia-24 information channel, Karusel TV channel for children and young people, a regional channel (not broadcasting is a picture-intro), Public Television Russia "(similar to the regional channel).
Radio stations Vesti FM, Mayak, Radio Russia.
The quality of reception on the outdoor antenna was notless than 85% for some channels even 100%. It is worth noting that digital broadcasting has a feature, or the channel shows beautifully or not at all. Image breaking through noise and interference is a thing of the past. The quality of the image on the old Panasonic’s on the DVD level, is not available for analog broadcast.
You can switch channels using the buttons on the casereceiver, using numeric buttons on the remote control, from the list of all found channels using the Point-and-Click method, successively (using buttons “previous channel”, “next channel”), there is a button for quick access to the channel that you watched before the current one. The channel switches about 2-3 seconds.
This is what every fan dreamed of at the moment.when “the beer has come to an end”, and the broadcast of the match is not interrupted by advertising. We put the program on pause and go about their business. After removal from a pause transfer will proceed. In order for this to work, you need to connect a USB flash drive to the console, or an external hard disk with a USB 2.0 interface. Supported file systems are NTFS and FAT32. The settings indicate how much space on the disk / flash drive to allocate for the operation of this function from 0.5 to 4GB. You can connect multiple drives via USB hub.
Parameters of the recorded file

Recording gear
It is possible to record the program on schedule or by pressing a button on the remote control. You can record one channel and watch another.
Music Pictures
Declared formats are reproduced.
Video playback
So far all that I fed him was played without problems.
Containers: MPEG-PS (.mpg, .vob), Matroska (.mkv), AVI (.avi), MPEG-4 (.mp4), BDAV (.mts, .m2ts)
Codecs: MPEG Video, MPEG-4 Visual, AVC
Audio: MPEG Audio, AAC, PCM, DTS, Dolby Digital (AC-3)
Firmware upgrade
As I mentioned earlier, the receiver had a twin brother. Is for sale in Russia under the brand name Digisat T2 Classic
This is the topic that came up when discussing a review of another similar tuner:
Multiple PLPs have been enabled for DVB-T2 in July
and all the tuners without the support thereof ceased to work.
Local Orieli and Rolsony firmware have already been updated andeverything is working. With the support of the Chinese, as a rule, the more difficult A on the page of the Russian “producer” is the firmware dated August 27, 2012 Multi PLP. Just it, I said to myself, downloaded and flashed. Instructions in the user manual.
- DVB-T and DVB-T2 reception
- Wide range of output connectors (HDMI, SCART, RCA)
- Cheaper than local stores
- On the "delivery" we get a multimedia player
- All declared functions work
- There is no set of connecting cables and batteries in the remote.
- As if not a minus of the device itself, but the unclear fate of digital broadcasting in Russia. Coding introduction and use is possible. Common interface. Of course, this will be a curse on the part of the authorities, for the third time to change “horses at the crossing” ...
Thank you all for your attention.
P.S. For more information, you can look reviews of such devices, because The software part is probably one (or very similar):
Review iconBIT STB330DVBT2
Direct link to the receiver

Photos of entrails:

Built on Mstar 7816 chip MStar Semiconductor, Inc.