Ip camera SECTEC (Inqmega) Cloud

Hi, as I missed the appearance at one timeip cameras, although the thing was, and there is quite popular, someone took for security, someone as an advanced alternative to baby monitors, and someone like me just for interest.
Model on the review from a small and engaged inMost of the sectec cameras are at least listed in the description, and the photo of the camera is with their logo, but it came to me with the logo of another company on inqmega cameras. I have a camera from the official store, but in the same place in the reviews they show the camera with the sectec inscriptions. In general, I got confused, asked the seller how to get an answer, I will describe.

generally so
Technology: Pan / Tilt / Zoom
Resolution: 1080P (Full-HD)
power supply v: 100-250V
Viewing angle (degrees): 90 °
Photosensitive Matrix: Sony
wifi channel: 2.4Ghz
Lens (mm): 3.6 mm, 8-32 mm
IR distance (m): 10M
power consumption w): 3W
dimensions (mm): 11 * 7 * 8cm
minimum illumination suite: 0.01LUX
Sensor: CMOS
Video compression format: H.264
Camera: 2MP
Packaging and PackagingWas the camera came in a regular box, it does not look very much.

Included in the package.
Micro usb cable-1 meter
Package with fasteners, and screws for installation on the wall.

Appearance By size camera 11 * 7 * 8cm
I chose an optimistic yellow color, for me it does not look bad, brushing something like a minion.
The quality of the plastic is average, you cannot call good and good, it does not crunch in your hands, there are no gaps and other jambs.

The upper half is divided into two parts, in the middle with the lens, rising vertically, and the rest turning horizontally.

Top connector for micro sd up to 64 GB, and a hidden reset button to reset the settings.

Bottom legs, and carving under a tripod.

We download the YCC365 program, register, click on add a new device, enter the Wi-fi password, a randomly generated qr code appears on the smartphone screen, show it to the camera, everything.

At the top of the interface there is a window with live broadcast from the camera, the gap is about 2-3 seconds.

From the bottom left, the record on the cloud, or sd card, is recorded all in the resolution of 1920 × 1080, h264, the quality of the picture is good, you can see everything clearly, there is no noise, there is no distortion.
Next button manual rotation of the camera, and the image on the whole screen.
Below them is the timeline line, then choose the date, time, the desired fragment for viewing.

Bottom mute key in the middlevoice broadcast through the speaker in the camera, you can also answer, there is a microphone in it, the sound is not very loud, the purity is not very good, but the voice is legible, and the last button of the photo is also saved on the sd, smartphone, or cloud.
Photo examples

In ip cameras I wrote as a beginner, but even for me the settings, or additional functions are not enough.

On / off device.
Set the time to automatically turn on, turn off the device.

Then comes the cloud, I will say the main thing is paid, there is a trial version, but only for 2 days, if I'm not mistaken, there are cameras with a free cloud, therefore -.

Next, configure the sd card, namely, see how much is left / formatted, the recording mode on the card, permanent or at an event, and the choice of playing video cloud / sd.

Next is the notification setting, then chooseunder any circumstances, send notifications to your smartphone, sound / motion, you can turn off completely, select a schedule. Alerts come in 2-3 seconds, unmistakably false, or, on the contrary, something was missing.

I don’t need to tell furtherIntelligent tracking, this camera monitors a moving object, it works exactly, there were no errors, but there are minuses, this is speed, the camera turns rather slowly if you do not catch all the way, and the second minus no return to the starting position.
For the night vision, 6 infrared red LEDs are used, in the dark it takes off well, the body and the environment can be clearly seen.
Additional Information

It is a pity that there is no function of ordinary outdoor cameras, when they turn from side to side, I think something useful for the protection.
The software is not difficult to manage, but poor, there is no variety of modes, there are no deep settings.
Video version of the review.

Opinion If we speak about this model, thenI will note a normal picture where everything is clearly visible, night shooting, and its quality, the presence of a microphone with a speaker, well, and the absence of malfunctions, for a week there were none, the negatives include a chargeable cloud, poor settings, and a slow camera. In general, the camera is not very different from the competitors, this is both - and + considering that its price is lower. I wouldn't take it for security, but how a video-nurse is a good thing.