Excelvan LED HD Projector M5. My home theater

Today I want to make a review on another one of my rather successful purchase.
This time it is a LED HD projector Excelvan M5 (one of the new products of this manufacturer).
This projector pleased me pretty wellpicture for your price. Now at my home several times a week there are film screenings with viewing of new films of the film industry and old kinohits. And to be honest, all my homework is absolutely delighted.

If that this projector is not the first in my home. Prior to that, we used a GP80 entry level LED projector. I reviewed it:
LED projector, entry-level GP80. 800 * 480 and 1800 lumens. A great option for its price.
Overall, the projector is not bad. But you always want something better. Therefore, the family council for the new year, it was decided to purchase a higher-quality projector.
The choice fell on Exсelvan for two reasons:
1. Quite a popular company that has a lot of where it is visible and heard. On w3bsit3-dns.com a bunch of topics about projectors. In case of something and with spare parts there should be no problems.
2. The store manager kindly agreed to make a small, but still discount for the review. (so I put p18, and you do not forget to scold me for corruption)
Well, there is another third reason. Not a very high price and it seems to be quite good characteristics. But this is already very subjective. Some and projectors from Xaiomi for 800 bucks soap and bad. Therefore, how many people, so many opinions. For me personally, while the rules and such characteristics.
By the way according to the characteristics. The manufacturer claims the following specifications:

The projector itself to the buyer comes in a large box with a handle. In a really big and heavy box. For a long time I did not receive such. Inside the box is a package with a projector:

And inside is another box.

Inside it, of course, not a projector, but a remote and cords:

Instruction in various languages, including Russian, HDMI cable, RCA cable, 3.5mm RCA cable, remote control, power cord with a European plug:

Remote controller. About him a little more:

The remote works on two AAA batteries:

On the front side there are all the buttons necessary to control. Manage built-in player, source selection, volume, settings, etc .:

In general, the console is not bad. Not that cheap plastic like some Chinese devices. But white color and glossy surface. That's not mine.
Therefore, I will later pack the remote in a bag. (yes, I am like this)

Now again to the big box.
Inside is also a projector. I was very worried that he would get bad at the time of delivery. But the packaging is certainly excellent. The projector is in a foam case:

Here he is handsome. Big, shiny and in the film:

The projector is really very big. A kind of bandurin almost 3kg in weight.
At the same time, the entire body of the projector is plastic,except for the top cover. It is metallic, with the manufacturer’s name printed and cutouts with buttons and twists for adjusting the focus and image angle:

What I do not understand is a little strangesmudges around the buttons and from one edge. I thought it was dried moisture, but it is not washed off even with a wet cloth. Looks like a jamb in the production process:

The front side of the projector is occupied by a large lens covered with a rubber cover, a peephole for receiving a signal from the IR remote, and two speakers placed behind the screen:

The speakers at the projector are quite loud. Quietly overlap the noise from the fan. On average, slightly louder than a standard TV:

To adjust the focus and tilt of the image, there are two twisters above the lens:

Focus adjustment is fully manual. Problems with the focus is not noticed.
To control the projector, as I wrote above, there is a block of buttons on the cover:

Power on, back button, source select button, menu, and five-button joystick:

Between the buttons is a dim LED showing the status of the projector. Red color, the projector is off, and green when the projector is turned on and running:

On the back are all connectors, as well as a physical switch:

Two HDMI ports, two USB ports, a VGA port, an RCA port, and two 3.5mm ports for audio input and output:

Power cord input and power button:

The sides of the projector are not occupied by anything. Only lattices for ventilation.
On the lower side there are legs with rubber inserts, one leg is adjustable in height and the lid under which opens access to the insides:

A little did not understand why this cap. I tried to pull, nothing pulled out. I think this is one of the dust filters. And maybe a lens. In general, afraid to break, I did not go further.
Adjustable foot:

Using this foot, you can adjust the elevator angle of the projector.
But what I would attribute to the minuses is the lack of a thread for mounting the projector on a tripod. Well, this is a personal flaw for me. Sometimes it is very necessary.
Overall, the projector is very well assembled. Quality materials. The design is not alapy and quite so normal. Strong attention and does not attract, can stand in a corner and wait for them to use.
So I'll take advantage. Turn on the projector. From the moment you press the button until the image appears literally a couple of seconds.
The first thing you notice is enoughgood picture. I was recently at the cinema, went to see Fantastic beasts: Green de Wald crimes, and comparing the image on my projector, I can say that they are very similar.
True, my screen size is not like a movie theater,but only about 3 by 2 meters. To watch movies, I have one wall just plastered in white. While I think, to cover the wall with enamel, or still buy a motorized screen and hang it on the ceiling.
Photographing an image usingOf course, the camera will not transmit any color or clarity of the picture. But in general, the focused image has a very decent picture. Watch any movie is quite interesting. And most importantly, there are no chewing popcorn and champing neighbors. You can fall apart in the chair as you want. You can watch a movie even sitting in shorts. You can pause. Well, in general, everything is much more interesting than the cinema.
As a source of video content I have an ordinary TV box. We watch either movies from a flash drive or from the HDVideoBox program.
In the photos, the image looks soapy:

But in real life everything is much clearer

Using the built-in settings, you can also further customize the language, sound source, contrast, temperature, etc.:

If you watch the projector in the dark, then there is enough clarity. But in daylight, the picture of course fades:

Daylight approached:

But you can still distinguish what goes there and shows.
As for the built-in player, it is meof course not pleased. But I understand that this situation with most projectors. Many films, for example, simply do not start, and many start, but go without sound. In the end, I just do not use the built-in player, and all that I need is to watch from the connected TV box.
Over the past few weeks, as the projector received, have already watched a bunch of movies. New and old. The impression is also purely positive.
Even now Avatar downloaded, decided to revise it in HD quality on the big screen
Here are quite different impressions. Not like on TV.
For the price tag at the smartphone level of the average price range, we get quite a good picture.
I am personally very pleased with the purchase. And my children are even more pleased with the purchase. Now every evening my children have a frequent question: "Dad, are we going to watch the cinema today?"
Summing up, I can safely recommendprojector Excelvan M5 to purchase. The price is quite affordable. The image quality is very good. On the screen there is no grain, no dullness. The projector is nice to watch movies at home. Of course, the built-in player is no, you immediately need to think about what will be the source of the video signal. But with tvbox prices, this is no big deal.
That's all. I wish you all a good day off (or rather its completion) Good luck to all.