One-cent promotional strap LEMFO for MiBand2 - it exists! Under-review, without dismemberment and hairy hands.

Ordered on a tip tweaklab. So, taking into account the price, probably p.18.
It came in 19 days with the track, almost. Those. The mobile application (praise to Pekke-Bulldozer Viljakainen for upgrading the FSUE Russian Post, let it last for days!) notified me about the departure movement abroad before arriving in Russia, 11 days of silence, and suddenly it waits at the post office. Oh, these Skolkovsky things with teleportation ...

In short - you can take it, but you can not take it. If you fasten the original MiBand2 strap to the last hole, the LEMFO can reap.
I already took non-original strapwhen the “golden paws of the teeth” optimized the energy consumption of the wife’s bracelet to four or five weeks sure.
Gold teeth

The last unoriginal turned out to be a little thinner “in the strap”, slightly lighter and was lost along with the “modified” MiBend after 3.5 months from the second or third attempt, spontaneously unbuttoned on the street.

The second color immediately gives the bracelet a sporty look.heat-blowing holes and “under the suit” with him are no longer comme il faut, as for me. With the original strap, however, they will not be recorded in the “style icons” either, but at least it looks more neutral.

In terms of dimensions quite accurately repeats the original.bracelet, but a little lighter, narrower and narrower. The holes are located a little more often, relative to the original, but the extreme hole is located from the edge farther than the original. Buttoned and unzipped a little harder, but perhaps over time it will pass.
Original and lemfo buttoned crosswise:

Difference (coincidence) in color - optical illusionview, not the art of photographer krivorukost. I repeat, in life the original strap is slightly darker, and the ends of each individual bracelet do not differ in color.
By attributing the day I replaced the bracelet with the original one. I'm used to the bracelet sitting more free.
+ Price for shares (and someone took on other reasons?)
Design to whom plus, to whom - to minus. Ventilation and length is not important either.