Thermal glue on the fabric.

Hello! Looking through the "burning goods" on Aliexpress stumbled upon such a thing. The child liked the unicorn and owl. Little review.
Ordered on August 4, received in 20 days. Sent by Latvian post, the track was not tracked.

In the package on the cylinder of polyethylene foam stickers, rolled up and instruction.

I ordered two, arrived three pieces. Little cat as a gift. Judging by the reviews on the seller’s page, he adds an extra sticker to the package. Nicely.

The size is approximately 20 cm X 15 cm. The instruction contains Russian, but the translation is rather Google. Nevertheless, everything is clear.

The reverse side of thermo-stickers is rough and shiny, as if covered with fine quartz sand. But not showered. What is difficult to answer.

The principle of transfer from the substrate to the fabric, I thinkfamiliar to all. Looking for an iron and ironing board. The fabric (in my case, this is the daughter's T-shirt) on the board, folds the folds, arrange the sticker on the section of your choice “face” up and iron it.
The iron should be heated to about 150 degrees(if the cloth is HB) and par. I ran straight through the base film for about 15 seconds with a strong hold-down. If there is doubt about the type of fabric, then you can put gauze on top of the base and iron through it.
After cooling (hand tolerates), gently separate the base from the drawing, slightly holding it. If the pattern moves away from the fabric, then we warm it up again with an iron.

The drawing of the stickers is very beautiful and the colors are bright. According to the material, it looks like rubber. He then washed the shirt at 60 degrees, no change.

The child is happy, he thinks now where to adapt the unicorn.

The price of one sticker was 150 rubles at the time of the order, now 125. When ordering two, the seller gives everyone a discount, so both cost me 200 rubles, this is a bonus.
Thank you all and good shopping!