USB Blaster (ALTERA CPLD / FPGA programmer) Programmer for FPGA company Altera

Overview programmer for FPGA company Altera. Who cares - forgive under the cat.
WARNING: this review is written for those who are "in the subject." If you have a vague idea about electronics and FPGAs, then, judging by the comments, this review will hardly be useful to you.
USB-Blaster - programmer developed by the companyAltera for their FPGAs. It has three programming interfaces: JTAG, Active Serial and Passive Serial. Designed for programming and debugging the FPGA of this company.

By request, here are some transcripts:
- FPGA (FPGA or CPLD) - Programmable logic integrated circuit.
- Altera is an American company, one of the leading and largest manufacturers of FPGAs
- Cyclone II - FPGA family of this company.
- Altera Quartus II - CAD, developed by Altera for the design and debugging of its FPGAs.
- JTAG - roughly speaking, an interface for programming and debugging complex digital circuits and devices. At the moment - the industrial standard.
- AS and PS - programming interfaces for sequential configuration ROMs.
This programmer was bought for and at the same timeWith the Cyclone II Debug Board ( a year ago. I must say that the Chinese were very, very pleasantly surprised by their price. For comparison: the price of. manufacturer - $ 300, the price of a third-party manufacturer (Terasic) - $ 100 (now $ 50), the price in the St. Petersburg store Terraelectronics - about 16,000 rubles. As a result, savings from 10 to 40 times.
I don’t have tracking data anymore, because I did not order, but the package arrived in about 25-30 days.
A photo

He made a foursome - the appearance immediately betrays a Chinese fake. But we are not going to admire them, but to work. And in terms of work, he is good. Quartus II software has adopted it as

Well, the flashing process:
Additional Information

+ Price
+ Price
+ Full compatibility with the original device. Flashing and debugging through jtag work fine.
- "Chinese" appearance.
- The AS interface does not work correctly, BUT it is not known who is to blame - USB-Blaster or my debug board.
To purchase I highly recommend!