Rear red bicycle light with laser guides / Bicycle Cycling Laser Tail Light (2 Laser + 5 LED)

Due to the fact that sometimes there is a needit was decided to equip the two-wheeled with light from somewhere to return by bike in the dark. For this, two lanterns were bought - back and forth respectively, the first one to see where to go, the second one, so that I could be seen on the road. Actually, I will tell you about the second one. On ibei and others like him a sufficient number of models are presented (and basically they are much cheaper than that). The only difference is the laser guides: on the sides of the bicycle, two bright red stripes are drawn on the asphalt.

Actually, after several practicalthe application left me with a firm impression that the laser here is in general a marketing ploy and is intended mostly for curious people like me. And the thing is this: the laser guides are clearly visible only in complete darkness. When driving on a well-lit road, the driver will hardly notice them.
The lantern itself is made normal. Five bright LEDs (three shine straight, two more slightly to the side) with three blink modes provide excellent visibility on the road. The case does not creak and does not play. However, there were some drawbacks: the teeth in the mount, which serve as a lock when adjusting in height, are very small (see photo). As a result, after an hour-long trip around the city with overcoming borders, the lantern "nick no head" and falls on the wing. Although, it should be noted that the flasher is still normally visible. Apparently, it can somehow be solved, I just haven't figured out exactly how. In addition, there is a feeling that the springs in the battery compartment are too long. Batteries are difficult to insert and difficult to pull out. Nevertheless, it is possible that this is not a minus at all, since the power supply is almost guaranteed not to depart. For three hours of use with the 800 mA Turnigy batteries, the flashlight was not discharged and there was no change in brightness.
The lamp was packed in a transparent plasticbox. Inside it is a special cardboard-holder, thanks to it the lamp is fixed and does not dangle during transportation. The seller simply wrapped this box with several layers of pimply film and sent it in the usual yellow bag.
- Price
- With laser guide lights not visible
- Attachment teeth too small (insufficient fixation)
- The lamp itself shines brightly and clearly visible on the road
- Handsomely. Yes, if there is no direct light from a street lamp - it looks cool
- The quality of performance is in order
Photos of the lantern

Photos on the street