2011 New Polarized Sunglasses Men’s Glasses Fashion

Similar glasses were bought, but only at BIC and more expensive, or rather the most expensive ones, and it was not written there that they are polarizing.
Before that, I bought more cheap optionwhich broke after a week of use (((money was returned, of course, but not all.
That's why I decided to try to buy something more expensive and chose such.

Grade was this:
1 x Police case
1 x Points
1 x Cloth for glasses
1 x Picture for test points
Unfortunately, all the equipment I have not survived, because I tested the carton and threw it away, that's how it looked (the photo is not mine)

Left without glasses, right with glasses. The rag was also thrown away, because she does not wipe grease stains, but smears them. But the glasses and case are preserved, their photos below:
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As I wrote above, at BIC such glasses are no longersell, perhaps due to the fact that the season is over, so I found an analogue on the aliexpress, the price is much lower (at BIC I took somewhere for $ 15-16 without a discount).
So the first impression: everything is well done, it seems like the body of the glasses is made of metal, the paint didn’t peel over the summer a week).
The inscription on the case in large letters "Police"At first I “strained”, and then I realized that it is relevant now)))) On the case there is also this inscription, but it is almost not noticeable, since written not large (the photo shows).
They protect from the sun perfectly, even if you look at them through the sun, they almost do not blind.
I also liked the fact that through these glassesin reality, everything seems different because of the polarization effect, namely, the cars can clearly see the tint (without glasses it is not visible, and there are spots in the glasses), some road signs are cast with a beautiful rainbow tint, but for some reason not all)) ), still liked to look at the reflection of the sun through the water, the sun looks like a blue hue.
But I did not like to look at the screenmobile phone through glasses, the screen is absolutely not visible, the main thing is not to forget that you are wearing glasses, otherwise I could not understand a couple of times why I don’t see anything on the screen.
+ Excellent quality
+ Polarizing effect is impressive.
+ Although the case looks very soft, in fact, everything is fine, the glasses are not broken
+ Protects from the sun perfectly
“At first, I didn’t like the inscription“ Police ”very much, and then I got used to it, but I’ll still take it to the minus
- Cloth wiping glasses is useless, only smears grease stains
- On the color display through the glasses can not see anything
Since I do not have a car, glasses were taken specifically for walking around the sunny city. I didn’t try about the glare, maybe they remove their glasses, didn’t pay attention to it, but save 100% from the sun.
Another couple of photos in which I am wearing glasses)))
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