2012 New car DVR 1080p, Car black box 1080P + bullet in 64M memory + 1.5 ”TFT LCD screen + SiRF Star III GPS module

I want to tell you about this not an unambiguous Chinese device.
This is a video recorder in auto + GPS tracker + action camera, like BE three in one.
The device is not very clear. It seems to be three in one and everything should be wonderful, but not everything is as chocolate as we would like. In other matters with the Chinese is almost always the case.

This is interesting and not too lazy to read all my nonsense, we look further.
And so about the price: the trade disputes with the Chinese barges were successful and I snatched this device for $ 125, which in itself raises the spirits.
I have already bought several registrars in China for relatives and friends that cost between $ 80 and $ 120, but I decided to write a review about this one, since there is very little information about it in the open spaces of the grid.
The overall impression of the quality of the device is verypositive, I didn’t expect, everything fits well and is well made, high-quality smooth plastic, the only exception is a joystick that dangles like a hole in the hole, but this is supposed to be a brand trick, apparently, because I don’t find any other explanation.
The device consists of two autonomous, butable to connect parts. One part is the DVR itself and the second part is the GPS module. Both parts have built-in lithium-ion batteries and both these crap can live in peace and fully function separately from each other and when the owner needs, they can connect with each other, it is like Chinese know-how.
The case of glossy plastic with silverfrosted stripes and inscriptions, well, just sooooo pale yellow paint, behind the glass of the car this video recorder can be seen from far away (I think to wipe the sandpaper or black paint these fucking silvery edging), although it looks nice, there is no bazaar.

What is in the box and what does the box look like?
See pictures below.

In the photo there is no remote control (small round4 buttons, did not get into the frame, because xs where I touched him after yesterday's pokatushki), there is no led fastening (will be lower) and there is no main fastening of the recorder, I would like to mention it especially, since this is also Chinese know-how and there is no photo ugly l-shaped standard car charger.
The main mount.
As you can see, this is just a marvel of engineering. It works like this:
you need to attach a registrar, with attachedGps-module in it. In the GPS module there is a special. groove, and in the mount specials. the key is holding, so this key needs to be turned and the registrar does not have to go anywhere from the fixture, whatever happens to it, is checked. If the GPS-module is not attached, then respectively reg. it won't be so good to hold in the mount, but it is still acceptable for use in a car, you can lose it on a bicycle while driving fast on the ground.
Also, when the recorder is in the mount,and it’s all the time to use it, the screen isn’t visible at all (why the hell do you even need it?). I drilled a hole in the wall of the mount (without loss of strength), that even though it was visible reg works. or not.
On the side, a nut is inserted into the mount for 8 - this is for joining the mount with the car mount with a suction cup.

The registrar is the most common, especially no complaints. Of the delights are:
- inclusion of motion recording in the frame;
- flip the image 180 degrees;
- remote control, this is a mega-plus, but it upsets that this is an IR remote control, well, yes, and figs with it, it's better that it is better than without it.

What connectors, buttons and light bulbs are present in this Satan-box.

1-switch - switch of the FPS module (such as a lever).
2-button on the DVR.
3-HDMI connector (not necessary, but working).
4-socket mini-USB of the DVR (used for charging)

1-LED showing the state of operation of the GPS module. Flashing green - satellites found.
2-mini USB connector of the FPS module (needed for charging the module, the module can also be powered via the DVR when a car charger is connected to the recorder).
3-window - receiver IR signal from the remote.
4-button mode selection reg (video, photo, voice recorder)
5-very necessary reset button))) or in Russian reset, if the device is frozen tightly.
6-slot for micro SD card (a person without nails will get it out of there).

1-pins (dad) GPS module
2-LEDs indicating the mode in which the DVR is (charging, shooting, rest. When attached, GPS units are not visible and therefore useless)
3-pins (mother) for connecting the GPS module.
At the moment, could only make outGPS-module, since there are no any seals on it, but on the recorder there is a warranty seal on the bolt (sticker), so as long as the run-in takes place you don’t get inside (((
Look inside the GPS module.

The GPS tracker writes only the speed and coordinates, information is not displayed on the video, but is thrown into a separate TXT file.
The software bundled with the registrar is poor, I use an alternative viewer (there is a link in the archive). GPS satellites catches quite quickly, somewhere in the course of 1 min. from a cold start.
The battery inside the GPS-module lithium-ion 270 mA / h,Not much, in principle, you can shove a little more Akum, but not at all much, since the internal space is not large. I tried to put the GPS on and leave it to work, crap worked for 3 hours and I got tired of it, anyway, the battery in the DVR will land earlier (there are enough batteries in the recorder somewhere for 1-1.20 hours) when used together as an action camera.
That's how the recorder is in the car.

And here is how the recorder is on the handlebars

And the bike carrier itself

An example video, how to shoot when mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle, is mounted on the attached bike carrier.
Link to the original file, with GPS track and alternative frivarny viewer files.mail.ru/L4GZ28
Sample vidosa from the passenger compartment
(the rattling sound makes just the dangling joystick)

Sample photo shooting DVR (I had to shrink twice, because the site does not take such a voluminous photo)

The device is definitely worth the money, which I forHe paid at least because no DVR for this price can not boast of such functionality. A good alternative and replacement for two devices, a DVR in a car and an action camera, there are of course a lot of flaws, but the price covers them.