30W LED Illuminator, 2 pcs.

Especially for those who do not read the name of the topic -The price tag is listed for 2 pieces. When I bought, the lot consisted of three pieces and cost 150 with a tail. The box weighed 6 kg. There are no complaints about the products, but the post seems to have played with a football package. In one spotlight, the mounting bracket is bent, and it is very unchildish thickness. The other two are broken off one by one of the mounting screw in the case. And it looks like this time the package went back in China - the act of admission in damaged form was attached. The tightness of the two damaged devices was restored without problems, the more they will be used indoors. The overall impression is a very nicely made thing, at -24 it starts on the street without problems. Who cares, read on

The product weighs 1.7 kilos and generally inspires respect :)

It is completed with a protruding piece of wire with a length of 20see. I decided that this is wrong, the standard wire dragged inside the box with the converter, and charged 10 meters of PVA 3 * 0.75, not forgetting to connect the yellow - green with the case. There are no inscriptions on the converter, except for “input” and “output”. The transducer box and the glass seal have T-shaped silicone gaskets. The converter is glued horribly with stinky glue, but in the assembled state it does not smell

Impact of mail

An example of room lighting, trying to choose the color temperature and exposure correction as it really is

Light-emitting diode

One (intact) device was hung on the street, and condensation appeared on the glass inside. Disassembled, dried, a bag of silica gel in the box converter. No problems yet.
In general, the thing is even quite nothing, although I do not like the cyanotic spectrum, but three DRL-125 these things replaced