36 ″ 48 ″ 7 color LED Under Car LED Remote Lights Kit (2pcs 120cm and 2pcs 90cm stir)

Good day to all
Bought for your car (damn, like not a boyalready a little and I want to play around

Consists of 4 strips of diodes (dust and water tight, 2 * 36 "+ 2 * 48")
switching and control unit and remote control for changing modes.
It came as usual, for more than 20 days. Now Ali has stopped taking the stick, uses his system. But my Visa Electron is not accepted in it. And on the Wiese Classic at the time of ordering the funds were not. Prod gave me his account on a stick, I threw money to him, the next day he gave me a track number that after 3 days began to be tracked.
Packed in a box as in the picture. Inside:
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Pultik was like this:
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Lights like this:
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Well, and a small example of a video (not all modes of operation, in the fotik the battery of the village)
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