6 Parking Sensor LED Display Car Reverse - do you need 6 sensors)) that is the question))

My driving experience is not great, and besidestightly tinted ass is not very easy parking in the dark, I decided to purchase this device)) After studying the offer in this market, the choice fell on the chamber for 6 sensors.
The parcel went a little over a month, the rumpled one came but the chamber itself was safe and sound

The quality of the device is good, the sensors themselves and the unit are made of good plastic. The seams are not even without creaks, the wires are flexible.

The instruction does not match the sensor. The circuit came to connect 4 sensors. Location 6

The block itself is different from the photo, a block with 8 connectors came to me, that is, you can connect 8 sensors. The photo shows a block of 6 sensors.

the monitor is rather small but convenient, all readings are clearly visible one minus squeaks strongly when turned on and when approaching
to the sensor, it was necessary to disassemble and slightly seal the speaker for noise reduction (no volume control)

Well, the most important connection !!! let's start with education why 6 sensors ...
4 sensors are placed on the rear bumper, the remaining two are mounted on the front one.
The connection itself ... 3 wires are suitable for the unit; two of them are plus and one is a wire (minus)
The first wire plus connects to the wire.reversing light bulbs (white color in the rear lights) minus is connected to the car body, when the reverse gear is turned on, the device automatically turns on and 4 sensors on the rear bumper inform about the distance to the rear obstacle.
The second plus is connected to the stop light.red light in the rear lights. when you press the brake pedal, the device automatically turns on and 2 sensors on the front bumper show the distance to the obstacle in front.
I had to abandon this scheme, sincewhen the device is turned on, it beeps. When you drive the city rhythm, you constantly have to press the brake pedal and the sensor turns on and squeaks, I think that after an hour’s drive from squeaking, the calmest driver will get mad, so people think whether they need sensors on the front bumper.
The connection itself comes with a drill

4 holes are drilled in the rear bumper, we put in 4 sensors, they sit very well, the silicone rims do not allow the sensors to fall out of the seat.

The block itself is mounted on double-sided tape, I put it near the spare

wires from the monitor spent on the rapids

the monitor put on the dashboard

the sensor works well, the distance shows exactly checked on the ruler,
It shows the distance to an obstacle in meters, there is also a scale that shows an obstacle on the right or left.
Conclusion chamber very pleased, very convenientParking, I think you should not overpay and order with 6 sensors, the site is full of offers chamber with 4 sensors for $ 15. So take it and you will not regret, offline such a device 1300 is at least