Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II

The site already has a review of this tablet, but I decided to add my impressions.
However, I contacted the seller (Emily Wang) and asked her about the possibility of reducing the price of the stock, to which she agreed. It was possible to save another $ 5, but I bought it and did not use the coupon when paying.

Shipping by Singapore Post has taken substantiallyless time than usual by China Post, payment made July 6th. For comparison, the same tablet, ordered in Tinydeal 3.07, has the status “Export, China CNCANA” since 8.07, and I already strongly doubt that someday I will receive it.
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Rather reliable, although it is better.

Appeal Eternal team ;-).

Includes a tablet, a black book casedermantina (with zapakhom), Ainol charger with an adapter for our sockets (5.0V === 2A with coaxial power connector), USB-MiniUSB cable, white Ainol headphones (even unpacked) and waste paper.

Manufacturer: Ainol, model NOVO7 Aurora II, year of manufacture: 2012
Operating system: Android 4.0.3
Battery capacity: 3700 mAh
Dimensions: 191 x 125 x 10.9 mm, weight 331 g
Processor: AMLogic 8726-M6, 1500 MHz clock frequency
Video accelerator: Mali-400 MP
RAM: 1024 MB
Built-in memory: 16 GB, user available ~ 13.3 GB
Wi-Fi: 802.11b, g, n
Display: IPS type, 7 inches, resolution 1024 × 600
Touch screen: capacitive, multi-touch 5 points
Camera front: 2 megapixel
Speaker: mono
Other: G-Sensor
Memory Cards: microSD, microSDHC
Connectors: MiniUSB-host, miniHDMI, 3.5 mm headphone output
Work time: Up to 5 hours
Appearance, description.
I ordered a white tablet, fingerprints are not clearly visible on it, and in general, it looks nicer.

They say that Aurora II has a glass screen, Iso it did not seem, however, I did not carry out the test with scratching. But the dirt and fingerprints the coating collects just fine, and they are not so easy to clean. A “shipping” film was glued to the screen, which I almost immediately took off, as it is too thick and interfered with the sensor.
As for the display matrix, absolutely, it is worth paying for it. The colors are bright, saturated, although there is some disturbance in color, with a slant to yellow.
As far as I know, the manufacturer of the display is LGElectronics. The range of brightness is suitable for any conditions of use, in the sun, of course, the screen fades, but remains readable. Viewing angles are sufficient on either side, colors are not inverted. In general, at the brand level.
In comparison with the Acer A500 at maximum brightness.

The case is assembled well, thin and light, convenientIt lies in the hand, no pushing is noticed, however, the buttons hang out and rattle (this does not interfere with their work). In the area of ​​the buttons, the back cover is slightly translucent, which is visible only in the dark.

The left edge is slightly thicker than the right, all the connectors are located on it.

Charging possible via power connector(takes about 4 hours) and via miniUSB (slower). Using a USB cable, OTG connected a 8 GB USB flash drive, a radio mouse. The hard disk did not have enough power to work, but it should work through the hub with power. You can connect USB modems, but I did not bother, since there is no need. I did not find an HDMI cable.
When headphones are connected, background noise is heard, but it is not noticeable during playback.
The speaker is one, covered with a mesh, the sound is loud enough, but from about 80% of the volume, distortion begins. With the landscape arrangement, it is just closed by hand.

Above the screen is a 2 Mpx camera. Quality for Skype is enough, take pictures with it, I do not see any sense.

The cover is the most common, soft dermantin, very uncomfortable. The smell is already weathered.

With this, everything is fine. For the trial, put the game GTA 3, works without questions.
AnTuTu and Quadrant

In the default firmware, there are three performance profiles, in principle, even Power saving is enough for everyday tasks, well, everything flies on Perfomance.

A battery with a capacity of 3700 mAh holds 4-6 hours atdifferent intensity of use, when idle is used little. Well, actually, I do not have so much time for its continuous testing, so, the terms are approximate.

Experience of use.
What are the impressions of using such a thing as a tablet computer?
First, it is a display, secondly convenienceuse of the sensor, further, the absence of errors in the software and the "iron problems", performance, overall quality of the body and its elements.
I have something to compare for a long timeI use Acer Iconia Tab, I used Ainol Pladin, Hyundai A7. Of course, compared to the last two tablets, the Aurora II benefits greatly, but it also has very significant drawbacks.
About the display matrix, I have already said. The resolution of 1024x600 on the 7 "diagonal allows you to comfortably use the Android interface, browser, programs for reading and watching videos, as well as any other software.

But with the sensitivity of the sensor there are big problems. At first, on the stock firmware, it was difficult to even transfer the shortcut on the desktop or from the application menu to the basket.
When tested by appropriate applications,it can be seen that when you move your finger across the screen, the “contact” is lost, this especially interferes with the scrolling of lists and in the browser. In addition, if, for example, on the Acer A500, you only need to lightly touch the screen to trigger the sensor, here you need to apply the whole pad of your finger, as it were. Over time, however, you get used to it.
Initially, the firmware is installed on the tablet.Android 4.0.3 (do not remember the version) with a number of Chinese applications running PlayMarket. There are no special problems with it, except for the sensor. Almost immediately, I installed custom firmware Aggro0705-C, it has built-in Root, removed Chineseapplications, significantly improved touchscreen, in addition, the device is defined in the PlayMarket as Samsung GT-9100, which makes available for installation programs that were previously displayed as incompatible. The firmware process is simple, it comes down to copying files to an external memory card, loading the tablet in recowery mode and selecting the firmware file. All this is described in detail on in related topic. I did not notice any problems with the functioning of any applications, except for the YouTube client, which crashes on launch without explanation, while only this version.
Many in discussion thread On complain about the work of WiFi (gaps, etc.), I still do not have this, although the signal reception level is lower than other devices. For example, the cache for GTA3 ~ 450 MB downloaded without question.
Go ahead. Internal memory errors. When downloading large amounts of files to the internal memory card, in particular, the cache for games, when the tablet is restarted, an infinite memory test starts. In this case, the memory becomes unavailable either through file managers in Android, or when connected to a computer via USB. Solution: full formatting of the internal memory card in the FAT32 file system with a cluster size of 64 KB (I don’t know why, in any case, it helped).
Another unpleasant feature of this tabletis the heating of the back cover (on the left and more below, if you hold the tablet in landscape orientation). In this case, the degree of heating does not greatly depend on the intensity of the load, and everything is just heated, and quite strongly. I do not know how many degrees, but it becomes unpleasant to hold it in hands. This, of course, does not extend the battery life, and does not contribute to the stability of the work.
As for me, for such a small tablet too many problems. To summarize
- excellent bright display with good viewing angles
- excellent performance
- decent amount of memory
- availability of necessary ports
- pretty slim body
- stable software operation (not without a file)
- price (?)
- acceptable battery life, charging from USB or power supply
- low sensitivity of the display sensor
- hellish heating
- excellent susceptibility to dirt and fingerprints
- memory problems
- problems with WiFi (even though I don’t have them)
For me personally, the product is dubious, and the disadvantages outweigh all the undoubted advantages. I hope in the comments you express your opinion.
Thanks for attention.