Ainol Novo 7 Elf Android 4.0.3 Tablet PC 7 ″ Screen 8GB 1GB RAM 1.3MP Camera & Case

The review was prepared a long time ago, and even though a few hours ago, comrade dangos published a review of this same tablet, this material has a right to exist.
So let's go! =)
I apologize to all those who repeatdo not recognize. However, the scarcity of the description, the absence of normal photographs of the tablet live and the not very complete description of the previous review of such a wonderful tablet should be complemented by this review. (dangos, I put a plus for diligence to you. I do not pretend to replace your review)

Tablet features:

Equipment: tablet, PSU 5V-2A, OTG cable, USB-cable, miniHDMI-cable, headphones, instructions and warranty card.
A photo:

Appearance and connectors:
There are only 4 hardware keys in the tablet: power key, menu, home and back. In view of the replacement of 4 hardware keys with software in Android, it is better to reassign the menu keys and the house keys to the volume keys.
This is done by the program ButtonRemapper. Everything is intuitive in it. The program settings will be discussed in the video at the end of the review.
There was a lot of controversy about the screen. Some "clever" with 100 percent certainty asserted that the surface of the screen is glass. The experiment showed the opposite. The tip of the scissors, held on the screen gave a good plastic chips such. So that. The back cover of the tablet is matte. This is a huge plus compared to the glossy one on a similar tablet of the same company, namely Auror’s. For glossy quickly gets dirty and slips out of the hands. I say this as a Google Nexus S user, it often fell because of this (.
There is no back camera. She is not needed. Front for Skype is enough.
A photo

As for the screen, I can not speak clearly. On the one hand, one of a sufficiently large resolution that makes me happy. On the other hand, the complete fading of the picture when the tablet deviates from itself in landscape orientation is often annoying. This “feature” of the screen does not suit everyone, but I reconciled.
You can rate the viewing angles in the photo below or in the video at the end of the review.
Screen photo

Benchmarks do not recognize parrots do not think. The tablet is not fast, but just until it knows about it)) It remains to finish the program part. You can make a personal assessment of the speed of work on the video at the end of the review.
External devices:
The tablet supports connecting usb hard drives, flash drives, wireless mice / keyboards, 3G modems.
All this you can see, again, in the video at the end of the review.
(There is no 3G modem connection to the video. But my Huawei e1750 works fine. You can use the Internet immediately after connecting the modem. I did not make any settings. Operator is Pchelain.)
I did not do another review, but simply included it in this one.
Immediately after ordering the tablet I thought about the case. I flipped through the Ebay pages for a long time and suddenly remembered that I had once seen an excellent book case for the Kindle Fire.
To my delight in size, these two tablets are completely identical.
I ordered two covers here Here.
Came the day after receiving the tablet.
The first week was used "as is". The other day I decided to raise him +10 to ergonomics in cut holes for the MiniUSB port and volume keys.
Armed with scissors and a soldering iron, I began to create =)
After two hours, I achieved the desired result:
I recommend to watch the video at the end of the review, where the cover is shown in detail. The photo is presented below.
A photo

Orientation control (Program from video)
Android 4.0.3 firmware
Instructions on firmware and add market (all in a hat)
In the video below: the inclusion of the tablet (download time), the appearance and controls, viewing angles of the screen, a demonstration of the interface and some applications:

View video:

Launch browser. Multi-touch test for 5 touches. Overview of some applications (Root explorer, YouTube)

Gallery Overview

Overview of the Google Music app. Overview of the cover, connecting flash drives.

Connecting a mouse and keyboard:

Explanations and conclusions:
Noises during playback of music and video in the video above are caused by the poor quality of the microphone in the camera, and not the quality of the tablet speaker. The sound will not say of course that is excellent, but acceptable.
I do not play games on the tablet, as well as on the phone, so nothing related to them was included in the review.
The tablet was taken to watch movies on itreading books. There is also a branded reader with electronic ink, but on the tablet it is more convenient to read. Affects screen size. In parallel, I use it to surf the Internet and view YouTube. In the spring and summer will be used as a bicycle navigator = D. I plan to write a review on this topic by May.
The device is 100% satisfied.
Look like that's it. What I remember - add. Ask questions in the comments - I will answer.
At the request of fps1000:
A photo