Android phone Star A2000 GPS

Some time ago there was a question about changingmobile phone, because My Nokia C3 is pretty tired of me and I wanted to try an android. But a lot of money for this business was not there and after a brief search in the internet I got on this phone.
Below is an overview of this mobile phone.
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I'll start with the delivery.
So, the package:
- phone
- cover
- charging
- headset
- film on the screen
- two batteries
There was nothing about the film in the seller's lot, so I was pleasantly surprised and immediately pasted it instead of the shipping one. Also, a 16GB card was bought right away, which the phone normally digested.
The cover is made of leatherette, has a strap for pulling out the tube, the phone does not fall out of it, but still it is slightly too big.
Additional Information

The phone has a relatively large size, these are usually called Lopatnik.
The entire rear surface is matte, the sides and front are glossy and perfectly collect fingerprints.
Almost the entire front surface is occupied by the screen, under it there are 5 backlit hardware buttons.
From left to right: call sim2 call sim1 home setting back.
Why at first sim2 it is not clear who will disassemble these Chinese.
There is a very useful thing behind the case of the camera, a flip-up stand, which makes it very convenient to watch movies, put the device on the table, etc., and don’t think of anything.
In my opinion, there are only two minuses in the hull:
1. You can hook up the front part of the body from below with a fingernail and peel it off with meat, as it looks like something like scotch, but if you don’t specifically climb, then everything is going fine.
2. The back cover does not have stops at the bottom and latches on top, as usual on phones, but it rests on eight small latches, so you need to remove it carefully, otherwise they will not live for a long time.
Screen and sensor:
The screen is simply excellent, high resolution, good viewing angles, it is a pleasure to watch and read videos, and actually took this device from behind the screen.
The sensor is resistive, recognizes one click, is quite responsive, but does not reach the capacitive one, you have to press a little harder compared to the second.
In the device there are two SIM cards, I use one for the call, I bought the second one purely for the Internet and periodically turn it off to save energy.
Voice quality at 4, in a noisy room, it is difficult to hear the interlocutor (but this seems to be set up via the engine menu, but I have not tried it).
Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t have 3G, so Internet speed doesn’t shine, one megabyte can download a minute.
The Wi-Fi speed is also not very 200-300kb / s, it was not possible to squeeze more. The network catches normally, I go all over the apartment, although the router is in the very corner.
There is GPS, there is nothing more to say, because I achieved a normal signal only once in the car, but they write on the forums that this is solved by separating GPS and GSM
Additional Information

antennas are a bit far away from each other, since they are beneath the battery. Not yet verified.
BlueTooth works fine.
Camera: 3.2 is written, in fact 2.0, the camera is like a camera, no frills. Photos from the camera
Photos from the camera

Performance and battery life:
Productivity is quite low, includingbecause of the large screen resolution. Immediately after switching on, the shell was very slow, but everything was decided by installing LauncherPro, now almost smooth scrolling. In general, the phone left a double impression, on the one hand the interface brakes, sometimes you have to wait a second and a half until the main menu opens, on the other hand, movies with a resolution of 640x480 and a bitrate of 1000kb / s go perfectly.
Batteries No wonder they are two. If you make five or ten calls for 2-3 minutes a day, do not use GPS and climb an Internet for an hour and a half, then I have enough batteries for a day, but if I turn on GPS and 43% ... 42% ... 40%, the battery is melting before my eyes .
Well, as in any self-respecting Chinesethe phone, it has a TV, it is not very realized, I live where there is no rumor, i.e. outside the Moscow Ring Road, in the north, Ostankino can be seen from the window, and normally 3-4 channels are caught, weakly ..
Additional Information

- price
- excellent screen
- contents of delivery
- stand
- performance
- battery
- no 3G
- requires a file
Afterword: In general, a medium-good machine, a lot of compromises, but enough for my needs, I don’t regret the purchase.