Battery EN-EL15A for NIKON MB-D11 battery grip - EN-EL15A Extended Capacity Battery for MB-D11 Battery Pack for Nikon D7000 Camera

This battery of increased capacity EN-EL15A was bought for sharing with the MB-D11 battery pack for the Nikon D7000 camera.
The battery came in in an envelope with a pimple, the plastic packaging was mercilessly bent to fit into the envelope:

Car charger was missing. The network charger was with an adapter to our outlet.

On the label of the package there was an inscription about the capacity of the 3200mAh battery:

On the battery itself there was a capacity of 3400 mAh:

The actual battery capacity is unknown. Exact charging time - for now too (the first time a regular charger was charged overnight). When charging started, the LED was red and at the end green.
About 500 shots were filmed this week.using the built-in flash and using a moderate screen - the battery is half discharged (considering that the battery pack I use discharges the batteries even when the camera is off).
Battery is working. How much the capacity corresponds to the declared one is not clear yet, the service life is still short.
Its price is less than one and a half times the price of a branded battery with a capacity of about 2000 mAh and is comparable to the cost of two non-branded analog batteries.