Wireless video call (3.5 inch display) 2.4GHz

Wireless call purchased by friend. Description under the cut.
Familiar asked for an inexpensive call and be sure to wireless (too lazy to pull the wires).
The box came as always slightly crushed:

Inside the box:

1 x External camera call
1 x Power supply for external call

1 x Monitor
1 x Monitor Power Supply
1 x Battery (1250mAh) in the monitor
1 x Screws to install the bell
1 x Manual (Eng)
Everything is done well. The bell is plastic with a metal plate, not at all anti-vandal. Of course, I would like the bell and the visor to be steel. The call from the adapter is activated, the length of the wire is about 2 meters.
The monitor is 3.5 inches, it shows normally with enough light, there are several tunes in it. When you turn on the call, the image after a second is shown on the monitor.
If both devices are nearby eerie fonat. If you spread them for about three meters the background disappears.
The volume of the call is adjustable. You can make a picture of the caller :). Speech quality is mediocre.
I didn’t indulge in settings for a long time, I gave a call to my friend so that the review turned out to be a surface one.
Addition :
The camera takes pictures every 10 seconds.
Text from the manual:
If you’re not alone, you’ll be able to save it all automatically after 10 seconds.
If you take a new picture.
Climbs at least 15 photos. I connected the monitor to the computer, the computer did not see either the device or the external drive. So the pictures from there do not pull out, only for viewing on the monitor call.
A photo:

Photo manual

- Good workmanship
- Wireless
- The call is not anti-vandal
- The speakerphone wheezes a little when talking.
Overall not a bad video intercom.
For myself, I will order the same as in this recall only 7 inch: