Cheap watches Skmei 1258

Good day to all, I note immediately that thisMy first review, I decided to share it, because there is not so much information about this model on the network, and the watches turned out to be quite successful and I would recommend them for purchase. Who wants to know more, well under the cat
So, a little background: 5 years after the purchase, my good old G Shock GA100 was ordered to live a long time, and I was not used to walking without a watch, so it was decided to find a temporary option that could be used until more substantial funds appeared in the budget. model. The main criteria for selection were: a price tag of up to 500 p., A large electronic display, the presence of high-quality backlighting (which was lacking in the G Shock), at least some hint of security and a sporty appearance. Shoveling hundreds of options, in the end, I settled on the 1258 model from a fairly well-known Chinese manufacturer Skmei. I didn’t meet any very negative reviews on the products of this brand, so I trusted him in advance, and I didn’t have a goal to buy watches for many years, but it’s an option that doesn’t pity the budget and doesn’t strike much replace with a more advanced model. I love everything red and black, so I chose this particular color, but in general this model is also sold with gold / blue / green and black edging, for almost every taste.

Order made on their blood, waiting for11.11 sales in the official Skmei OfficialFlagship Store and after 15 days an alert came that the goods arrived in the mail. This surprised me because I thought that there would be strong delays due to the huge number of orders, but the parcel arrived very quickly.

By the appearance of the yellow package, it was immediately clear that there was no box inside, since there were noticeable outlines of hours.

As expected, the watch itself was inside, wrapped in a small piece of “pimple”, well, of course, the budget))

Having played around with a burst of bubbles, I continuedunpacking. The clock was in working condition and the timer was on the screen, at first I didn’t tense a lot (I probably beat CS GO), but realizing that the numbers aren’t decreasing and I don’t have to cut the red wire with nippers, I took this product out of a long bag.

along the strap on the inside was nesteda piece of paper with instructions, they didn’t bring Russian by themselves, solid hieroglyphs were on one side, but English, on the other hand, was more clear to the eye. I did not read it, since everything is intuitively clear and it’s easy to figure out the 4 buttons

A little surprised how the strap is made, putthe clock on the table was not possible because he did not unbend to the end, which even a well-made hand shape is such a semicircle, so to speak. At one end of the strap hung a tag with the company logo.

The first impression of the appearance is twofold, IOf course, I understand that this is just such a “Chinese deshman”, but on the other hand, they look very similar to my old Casio GA-100 in both color and shape, which is good news. The plastic is rather oak, and the red paint all its appearance hints that it will not be here for long. These are just my thoughts, perhaps I am mistaken, but outwardly it seems that all this will be erased and fall off quite quickly, it is difficult to describe in words, but it’s straightforward that the budget is very (again, in comparison with G Shock)

I do not consider it a minus, t, k. buying such a watch everyone understands what he takes and what can be expected from such a product. I don’t even count on any durability and preservation of the original appearance ... but time will tell.

The back cover is made of metal unknownI have a brand, maybe even a good one (but this is not accurate). It proudly adorn the inscriptions Water Resistant 5ATM, which unequivocally hints at some waterproofness at pressures up to 5 atmospheres. Of course, I will not check this out. I will only note that in the description the seller focuses on the performance to a depth of 50 m.

On top of the screen pasted factory film, shealready noticeably the screen itself, but I did not take it off, the benefit of visibility does not interfere, but at least a little save the screen from the first scratches. The screen is recessed into the case according to all the canons of a protected sports watch, which positively affects its safety. At an angle, the image fades a little, but this is not at all critical and the numbers are all easy to read.

after 10 attempts, I still managed to deliverthe clock on the table, like this, the strap bends back roughly. It is quite hard, to the touch never a soft-touch of any, but again, returning to the value of the product is forgivable.

Setting the time and date just a couple of clicksbuttons, I was glad that all the basic information was immediately available on the screen (day of the week, date, time), on G-shock you had to press a button to see the date, which was extremely inconvenient.

strap mount plain-a pair of cogs witheach side looks flimsy, but perhaps other standard straps will work here if something goes wrong with it. I just didn’t like the fact that on both sides of the display they stuck two big ones on the strap ... mmm ... blyamba with a swimmer icon (well, like swimming watches and all that). I would not do that, because watches can be used for anything, and doing this clear emphasis would not be worth it, but oh well, this is already nagging.

The buttons protrude from the body about 2 mm,they are pressed with a small creak and only work when you press "to the floor", which may even be a good idea ... such protection against accidental clicks. Although, I do not think that I will use any buttons other than the backlight. I do not need any stopwatch timers, and the screen design allows you to see all the necessary info without additional clicks and this is good news.

It's time to wear them. My hands are pretty dry, so there were fears that such a large watch would dangle, but there are enough holes on the strap to fasten the watch even on thin bony limbs)) In my case, even one division remained in stock. For people with large proportions, they are also suitable - the stock is quite large. Also note that when the strap is clamped as far as possible, its end does not wobble and does not stick out (as was the case with the G-Shock), but is securely supported by an elastic band.

A little more about the screen: the task was to find a watch with large numbers, I have myopia and would like to be able to see the numbers without lifting my eyes to my wrist, as was the case with the old watch. In this, Skmei exceeded all expectations, the screen is simply huge (but in moderation), most of the time is occupied by the largest area, the date and day of the week above it, and seconds are running from below in the center. To the left and to the right of them, on such strips are displayed mode icons (timer \ stopwatch \ sound), if they are on. The only thing I would correct is to reduce the top line with the date, because some of the characters of the days of the week with almost no spaces merge with the month and plus this is not so important information, but oh well. On the whole, the display is huge and quite contrasting, to be honest, I expected the worst. In the sun, by itself, it will fade a little, but not critical. I was surprised that it is very clearly visible, for example, if you are in a dark room at night, where only the light of lanterns from the street penetrates, even the lights are not needed.
By the way, so we got to the cherry on the cake. Backlight. This is one of the criteria that was very important to me, because on the GA-100, the backlight is made in the form of a tiny orange LED stuck below the number 6, which he, in fact, illuminated ... and only her ... There was nothing more to be seen and to disassemble in complete darkness how long it seemed impossible. Here everything is done correctly and, I would say, very much so. The backlight is activated by pressing the top left button labeled Light (suddenly), it is almost invisible in the light:

But everything changes when you activate it inin the dark, like this, in my opinion, the normal illumination of a healthy person should work — it’s the numbers themselves that glow with a very beautiful turquoise color, you can see everything as day and sometimes just draws this button just to admire this magical glow ...

Sfotkat on the phone was extremely difficult, but withThe n-th attempt seemed to work out, in reality it looks even better. I was afraid that in life they would not glow as beautifully as on the promotional picture from the seller. but there is not deceived, Respect!
I will not describe the parameters, dimensions and stuff, this is all on the product page with beautiful pictures, here I just share my impressions of the purchase, and these are:
- the big screen with big informative figures + viewing angles
- very beautiful and bright backlight
-sports appearance
-bag suitable for any body types of people
- convenient and intuitive control
-application for water resistance (although highly controversial)
- general "oak" products, cheap materials
- a sense of insecurity paintwork
- Foolish oval inserts on the straps with a floating little man
-consistent waterproof
Excellent budget hours with all their minuses andadvantages, which fully justified all the hopes placed on them, at least at first glance. There is only a question of durability, but time will tell.

PS: maybe I missed something, if you have any questions, ask in the comments, try to answer. All good!
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