Brand new 10 "Laptop Messenger Bag Case; Case for 10" Inch Laptop computer bag free shipping

Bag with Aliexpress for ten-inch netbook.
It took a bag for my netbook. In local stores, the choice of bags for 10 inch babies turned out to be small, and the prices did not please them. Therefore, I decided to search the net. I found it on Ali and ordered it. There was a choice of colors, I preferred black. I got the package in 35 days.

It was packed in a gray bag, very reminiscent of BIKovsky.
Material - nylon / polyester. If you believe the description of the seller - water-repellent (a couple of times got with a bag in the rain, the netbook remained dry). Under the pad there is some kind of seal. Sewed like quality, the thread does not stick anywhere.
In the bag there is one compartment for a netbook, and a side pocket in which charging and a mouse are perfectly marked.
For its price is quite a good product. True delivery is now paid.
UPD: Bag is adapted for laptop. Documents (A4) do not drag it, a little do not fit.
A photo: