Watch for fans of the game of CHESS.

Chess Clock

Battery-powered quartz analog watches are reliable, easy to use, have two large time displays.
Product Features:
- Suitable for home and clubs
- Easy to use, reliable and accurate.
- Easy installation
- Robust construction
- Lightweight and easy to carry.

- Size: 20cm * 5cm * 12cm
- One AA battery is used (including battery)
Contents of delivery:
Analog Chess Clock 1 pc
Plastic caps 2 pcs
The operation manual in English 1 piece
Gift box

And even a finger-type battery!

Acquired with great desire and was delighted !!! And our regular client on RUSSIAN POST helped me in this (here he is "Аrtist")
I made the order myself, paid for it myself.
I have been working as a postal operator for 3 years.daily I give out to clients parcels and custom international small packages. It is very funny when the mail arrives and we do not know what is inside the insurance bags, and customers are right there, standing, worrying, nervous, they know that THEIR mailing will be “loved” today will be registered on the OPS. So I was also looking forward to, when, when did this small, but long-awaited watch package come.

I look at them and do not stop looking! Now I have them!
Silent, completely distract from the game.
True box "GIFT" as you can see, crumpled! You can’t give a chess player any more. And it is absolutely not today bruise, in our mail this small package and on the shelf with parcels did not have time to stand up. By the way, it came in just 16 days from Hong Kong.
I am fond of playing chess from an early age. I dream of a tall chessmen and a huge board.
I wish you all successful purchases and that your dreams come true !!!