Winner Silver Watch Skeleton Watch

Good day to all!
My third review is presented to your attention, and now for the third time I am engaged in assembling and disassembling and filling in the purchased device - I love this thing))
This time we will talk about the skeleton watches purchased at a discount, which is designated on mysku.

In short: you can take, but require adjustment.
1. Order and delivery.
So, it was like this: One day, I stumbled upon a mysku post about a sale on Ali Skeleton. Unfortunately, I could not find that post (hello to admins - do the search not only in the text, but also in the title of the article), even the almighty Google did not help. Well, okay, in the review this is not the most important thing, but a special thank you for a tip to an unknown hero!)
UPD: The post was found, as well as its author - Post, now the country will know its heroes by sight))
I have long wanted to watch myself, and with interestglanced at the skeletons. Well, here the opa is a skidochka, and even a non-standard design (the blue arrows on the Chinese skeleton have already become a legend) - so I decided to take a couple of pieces at once, if suddenly what kind of marriage - there will be a reserve, and if everything goes well - I will give some to the friend. They cost two times cheaper at the time of purchase, so I lost a little. =)
In general, I ordered, paid for, received, everything is as usual, it’s even completely uninteresting, and there was always a lot of intrigue before))
Arrived in such a box, wrapped with a pimple and supplemented with a retailer from the seller:

Gratitude from the seller and many bukaf on the back:

2. First impressions
What undoubtedly is a plus - the watch is packed inboxes, and not thrown as usual in the film. Boxes without unnecessary inscriptions and generally unmarked, which makes it possible either to donate a watch or to take it for yourself, and donate something else in a box) Well, or to store some garbage)
Black gift boxes:

Watch in a box with a pad:

I liked the watch, because it looks that wayhow i imagined and how i need. The colors and design of the dial, case and hands are not very challenging, the mechanism is seen well, vignettes and other elements of the decor are not overloaded (sometimes the concentration of curls exceeds reasonable limits, turning into some kind of mania). In general, I have no complaints about this watch. =)
Actually dial and mechanism:

The watch has a self-winding, which is somewhatincreases their thickness, but gives hope that they do not have to constantly start. Apparently, the self-winding is quite effective - I was not able to try it in, because At sea, you do not constantly watch the clock, but when I took the stopped watch and carried it to take a picture outside, for half a minute walk they reached the operating mode, and vigorous shaking for another half minute caused a noticeable spring plant. The effective self-winding is also evidenced by the fact that one of the profit hours was ticking, although during the month that they flew towards me, with their power reserve for a day or two (yes, the power reserve I had not yet measured, everything was too short) they would stop far more than once.
Now about the problems. In one clock, either a cog, or just some kind of metal grain of sand was found, which almost immediately went off somewhere and did not appear again, no matter how much I shook the clock. In principle, it does not interfere, but there is nothing good in the presence of debris in the mechanism, as you understand.
Next - a bracelet. First of all, this is an excellent epilator - I had to stick a strip of adhesive tape, I was pleased with my brother's reaction - “what a cool watch, and the film is, so that the hair does not tear out” =).
Secondly, to adjust the length of the bracelet you canremove a total of 2 links on each side. For a normal peasant, probably enough, and I’m a pretty thin character, I had to use a screwdriver, pliers and some mother to tear out another link or two, I don’t remember exactly how much. Yes, and regularly removed links are not that very conveniently removed - you can easily get hurt, knocking out latched pins with a screwdriver. In addition to everything else, in the places of fastening of the strap, at the bottom and on top of the watch, two decorative details with a semicircular cut under the dial are hung close to them, as if continuing the design of the strap. I do not know why they are made by individual parts, but the essence is different - they turned out to be poorly fixed and dangling. Not good.
Further - about accuracy, this is probably the mostAn interesting question about the mechanical clock. So, one clock went with me to the sea, and almost immediately, there was a rush of hours on the train — every hour they went forward for a minute or two, which, with an exact timetable for the train, immediately caught my eye. This is a cant so a cant - while you are going to work, they will be showing inaccurate time, and for dinner it will be complete nonsense.
I wrote to the seller about these problems, you never knowwill give compensation or what nishtyak will send, but since I have already confirmed receipt of the order, it absolutely did not interest him and the answer was silence. (By the way, an interesting thing - you should unsubscribe to the seller about the problem, as he falls somewhere offline, although usually hang online 24 hours a day, for the second time I’m watching such garbage))
Meanwhile, the accuracy of the watch was so low that without adjustment there was little use of them, so I decided to take up the business of a watchmaker.
3. Jamshuting and piling.
This is already becoming the traditional section of my reviews, hehe
What did I stop at? ..
Here is an illustration of this disgrace:

1. Movable thermometer lever; 2. Fixed lever; 3. Flywheel self-winding.
The watch was quickly dismantled - the back cover togetherwith a strap bolted 6th cogs (sorry that did not take a picture, in the process of repair is usually not up to photographing, but everything is visible through the glass). The logic prompted that in order to slow down the clock, you need to increase the effective length of the spring, which was done - turning the thermometer clockwise slowed the clock and they even began to lag a little. To achieve this result, it was necessary to turn the thermometer so that its end moved about 1 mm to the right. There was no special slot for adjusting the thermometer (more precisely, there is a cut-out for a flat screwdriver, but he did not give in to attempts to turn it), so I turned the lever with a small time screwdriver, simply pulling at its end.
After a few adjustments, that took meabout an hour of time, the stopwatch on the phone was set for 1 second per hour, which gives less than 30 seconds per day, and this is not bad accuracy (Wikipedia suggests that certified chronometers go further with their ± 10 seconds per day). So the result is quite good
Further pliers were bent mounting the very decorative dangling parts, which I wrote above:

4. General photos and resumes
From some angles, the watch may seem too cumbersome due to its thickness, due to the presence of self-winding (but do not forget that my hands are thin).
Photo clock on hand:

However, as for me, in general, they look normal, especially if you hide the skinnyness of your hands with a shirt or just eat more)
In general, the watch is quite good, despitethe problems described above, but I still draw your attention to the fact that you can safely take cheap things in China only if you are ready to let them just a little, but finish them up to the desired condition. For if you want to just buy a watch and use it is not a watch, but some kind of hand-made article that you need to throw out in the trash can - no accuracy, decorative overlays hang out, the bracelet pulls hair. But if you are friends with a screwdriver, Wikipedia and head, then replace the capricious parts and adjust the clock does not take much time, and the cost from them is much lower than the brand, which pleasantly warms both the pocket and the soul
In addition, it is worth considering their cost - for thoseGrandmas, which I gave for them, are quite good skeletons, justify their price, for the full cost, knowing about what I wrote above, I personally would not take (although I still have that thing), and the service also leaves much to be desired the best - the seller disappeared somewhere, does not respond to the messages - perhaps the promotion with a sale failed.
+ good price at the time of order
+ not bad working self-winding
+ Calm design without vyvglaznyh colors and trendy blue arrows
+ “Winner” inscription on the dial is a winner, which undoubtedly raises courage and inspires to feats
- the current price is not so good
- dangling decor elements (corrected)
- garbage in one of the hours
- terrible stroke accuracy (corrected)
- bracelet pulling hair
Thank you all for your attention, low prices, fast delivery, trouble-free product and good luck! =)