Clock pan

Hanging on the wall pan. With fried egg. And in the yolk arrows - a small knife and fork. And this is all called a wall clock.
- Bu-ha-ha, how ridiculous!
- Funny - not funny, but cool!
As soon as I saw them on Aliexpress, immediatelyI decided to “take it!” This is a great gift to any home! Ordered a red color, since it looks more like a natural pan. A couple of days ago came the package wrapper. Packed remarkably - a box in a box. The handle is separate from the dial. Attached snaps into working position once and for all, as I understood. There is no second hand, "windshield" glass, too. AA battery, as usual.

Well, what else do you write? The accuracy of the course as in the usual Chinese wall clocks. That is quite normal. Tests, however, their only two days. I am satisfied with the purchase, I will order more, now to give gifts to relatives and friends.

Finally, a little yellow humor :) Pictures on the box :)