Cortex A9 1Ghz CPU 512MB Ram 4GB HDD ZT180 E98 Zenithink Android 2.2 Tablet pc external 3G TF card support

Received on Monday this device, very pleased with the purchase.
Build quality by 5, housing quality by 5(there are no burrs anywhere, everything is clearly closed). The image quality is also 5 (the screen resolution is 1024 * 768 8 "). The bright Cortex A9 1Ghz, 800Mhz CPU and 200Mhz GPU are smart. The market applications are set up (you need to upgrade to the latest 0905 firmware). Birds and NFS fly without brakes. Multi-touch, works fine. I was pleased with the presence of the HDMI port, I connect it to the TV (Full HD 1080) + 1Tb USB HDD, it turned out an excellent multimedia center. It defines USB Mice and keyboards, though only one USB port, but it doesn’t have trouble with the USB Hab bought. WiFi works with a bang at home I go quietly the network does not lose.

MKV up to 20 pulls, no more :) G-Sensor in NFS works well.
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