7inch Leather Case for Ainol NoVo7 Elf Advanced 2 Aurora Tablet Pc

I present to your attention a mini-review of the cover on the tablets of the company AINOL
Just the other day I received my aurorka and joined the dense ranks of the army of Ainol worshipers. Immediately when buying a tablet with an edge, the question arose of how to protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.
Lyrical digression dedicated to the Post of Russia

The cover came not the same as in the picture, instead oftextured dermantin it is made of a material on tactile sensations reminiscent of paper. The inner part, on the contrary, is made of dermantine, it feels like they just confused the interior and exterior decoration in some places ...
No strap, mount on magnets.
The ability to put the tablet horizontally.
All holes coincide with those on the tablet.
Reliable fastening of the tablet inside the cover.
Extruded inscription Ainol and a bunch of hieroglyphs give +10 to solidity
The main disadvantage is the material from which this cover is made, this synthetic semi-paper does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and it looks like it will not live long.
The material is soft, for this reason to put horizontally quite problematic, constantly striving to fall.
Workmanship, sticking threads and sometimes appearing glue.
Immediately remain very noticeable fingerprints.

I will compare with case bought in TinyDeal for $ 4.5 Made of textured materialunlike dermantin, to say nothing of the skin, the edges are either painted or plastic, inside the structure resembles chamois, fasteners with the help of black rubber bands from underwear. Stitched smoothly, quality on solid 4.
Stiffness of the cover, respectively, good protection.
Tablet is securely held inside
Literally after ten disclosures, cracks appeared at the fold.
The strap is hard, constantly interfered.
Mounting with gum, well, it's not at all solid

Conclusion: I cannot recommend any of these covers for purchase, I will look for something else myself. If anyone advises a normal cover on ainol, I will be grateful.
P.S. The seller of this cover is no longer available; of this
price 5 bucks. I ordered myself, I hope this time will come such as in the picture.