Free ship Screen Protector + 360 degree for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ″ N8000, PU leather Material, N8010 stand cover,

In this post we will talk about a swivel cover forSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 Tablet PC. The cover was ordered in an already familiar store on - Raincoo Industrial Company Limited. Together with the case, the Chinese sent 4 screen protectors: two for the P7300 and two for the N8000 (as compensation for their forgetfulness).

In November 2012, I already bought in this storecase for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ”. About this order can be read in the appropriate post. The cover for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 ”really liked and went well with the tablet, but the Chinese sclerotic people forgot to put screen protectors in the package. Fortunately, I had a friend who was just looking for a convenient case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 tablet. He looked at the assortment of the store and asked me to order a swiveling cover book in black.

Free ship Screen Protector + 360 degree for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ″ N8000, PU leather Material, N8010 stand cover,
Color: Black
US $ 13.80 × 1 piece
As I wrote in the previous post, the storesells covers in the form of a set of "cover + protective film." As a change for his past mistake, the seller added another protective film for the Galaxy Note 10.1 and two protective films for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 ”to the package (as compensation for his forgetfulness).
I paid by card through ESCROW and waited for the order. Despite the pre-New Year rush, the package reached me in a quite reasonable time.

Packaging standard yellow envelope with a plastic layer inside. The case itself and the protective films came unharmed.
Cover very good quality. All holes and grooves are exactly where you need them. Material - PU lether is of quite decent quality.
The tablet is mounted in the case as follows -The hard plastic edges of the “bottom” of the case snap into place on the case. No scotch or gum is needed. Everything is holding tight enough. There is a rubber band that allows you to “lock” the cover so that it does not open

In the cover of the cover are two grooves that allow you to use the cover as a stand. At the same time, the tablet can be placed both in landscape and in portrait orientation.

The most valuable thing in this case is that the tabletkeeps in frame well enough and does not slip anywhere in the case. For example, I quite often have such a small nuisance with the Onda tablet case:

Two protective films were attached to the case. According to the familiar film, it fit the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 well.

I liked the cover and the owner of the tablet. At the same time, it cost much less than it would have had to pay for purchases in Russia. Protective films, you can say, got all free. But in Vladimir would have to spend on them for 200-300 rubles for each.