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All week watched the growing lump of reviewsabout all kinds of radio-controlled models. So he could not resist. In my review, I will tell the story of staying with me a Chinese electric brushless monster on a scale of 1:10 ... Interesting? Then we pass under the cat ...
From "nothing to do" decided to pamper with a friendthemselves radio-controlled "toys" in July last year. The choice fell on such a monster. It is true then it cost $ 186 and in other colors. Ordered two. And they found a lot for two pieces. The most interesting thing is that they sent us both boxes in the same package ... with a total weight of almost 10 kg. Alas, the photo of what we literally pulled the fragile girl did not survive.

Well, let's move on from the lyrics to the essence of the question.
The box is decorated in the traditional Chinese style, i.e. maximum color and minimum information.

Box contents

Everything is packed securely, so there should be no problems during transportation unless you are dancing on the boxes ... although there is nothing impossible with the Russian Post.
Total in the set we have:
- Fully assembled monster
- Remote control with LCD display (powered by 8xAA 1,5v)
Battery compartment

- "charger", but in fact a regular power supply with a battery connector (I have never used it and I do not advise you)
- Battery 7.2V 1800mah NiMh
- Something like instructions, or rather a miserable likeness
- Expanded console instructions (very useful)
- Spare parts, which includes the minimum set of necessary keys of mediocre quality, spare fixes for the body and battery compartment, wheel nuts, antenna tube, spare spur (driven gear)
It should be noted that the spare spur has a smaller diameter and fewer teeth, with it the speed of the model increases significantly.
Let's now take a closer look at the car itself:

Also + remote d / y

Chassis. General form

Engine, controller, receiver

Controller marking

The chassis has a fairly simple design, whichmakes it easy and special. skills to repair the chassis of almost any complexity. Completed chassis as standard, probably 90% of plastic. Mounted on an aluminum platform of sufficient thickness. Plastic is not shockproof and does not have increased rigidity. As a result, it’s not easy to break the car, but it costs nothing. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying this model, get ready for regular infusions of spare parts. Literally all power suspension elements are made of plastic. Simply point to the metal elements - this is the half-axle assembly, steering rods and ... and that's it. Semi-axes, in spite of the metal, also fly apart in two accounts, more precisely, the articulated joints of the semi-axes. Damage to the suspension can cause a collision with any solid obstacle.
My first race took place in the yard and lastedjust 5 minutes. Sat down the battery? No, having mixed up the direction of rotation of the steering wheel on the console, I let the car into the curb at an angle of 45 degrees. As a result, I got a broken semi-axle and split kingpin. Guard!!!
My friend skated and even less ... about 3minutes As a result, he ordered parts from another machine similar to ours, and the pivots were temporarily cut out of PTFE. When s / h came to him, they were with the help of a file and some other mother introduced, and I was left with the rest of my own semi-axis. And my monster again began to row with all four paws.
Here I want to make a retreat. Although the transmission is not implemented by the locking differentials, but if one of the axles breaks, due to the large torque, the other wheels continue to work. Therefore, if one of the axles breaks, it is necessary to remove a similar one from the opposite side, otherwise the car will be carried to the side.
The machine is equipped with shock absorbers that couldbe and softer. On bumps and especially repetitive irregularities, the model sometimes jumps fairly. Adjusting the suspension is minimal, but allows you to adjust the steering rods to properly set the position of the wheels. Also, if desired, you can adjust the height of the upper shock absorber supports.
In the fists of the drive wheels costs two bearings. Due to the fact that they are two, they are quite durable and have never failed.
The remote control is very convenient. It is executed on the four. Plastic crunches slightly, but not scary. The radius of action under the condition of not very dead batteries of the console and the machine is about 30-40 meters. Steering wheel rubberized porous rubber. The antenna extends and folds without problems. The display has a backlight - in the dark with the setting will not be problems. The trigger works well and has enough stroke.
The settings of the controller and the remote control forplease - a lot of them. It makes no sense to paint them in detail. The controller is full of information on the Internet and how to set it up can be easily understood. It allows you to adjust the starting speed, braking force, etc. From myself I will say - do not put the brakes 100% and all the more you do not need to turn them off (then the rear speed immediately turns on and at least the rear gear shatters). And the starting speed is as low as possible so that the car starts more smoothly, but it will still not be possible to drive around the apartment (although it depends on which apartment).
I also do not schedule the remote control settingcomplete set of instructions. It can be used to adjust ABS, channels, initial speed (when the console is turned on, the car can immediately start moving without waiting for the “trigger”), adjust the steering (default wheel position), etc.
Native battery is not enough. He is weak for this monster. A fully charged battery lasts about 10 minutes. After which it gives up. To remedy the situation, LiPo was purchased at 4000mAh. And he paid off. 15-20 minutes more frisky running machine. According to the dynamics of the model, these batteries like heaven and earth, of course ... But it is worth remembering that these batteries are potentially dangerous and require compliance with a number of conditions when charging, starting with the right charger.
Summarizing the above, I can say thatInitially the machine is not practical. The probability of breakage is too high. Also a weak point is the spur: plastic + torque + sand and the spur loses teeth. Front and rear buffers save only from frontal and frontal impact. Any tangential tangible force = breakage of suspension elements.
This frankly deplorable state of affairs led to the only correct idea: "It is necessary to find spare parts, and ideally metal suspension elements." Do a search. Found nothing. Nowhere.
Began to consider options for the collective farm. On all sorts of model sites from China to the states we searched for models that were constructively close to this one. As a result, it is expensive and will entail a lot of rework. Trouble
As a result, spitting on everything turned out to shout aboutassistance to the first Chinese from And lo and behold !!! I was offered both stock parts and metal suspension elements. I also found out that the model is called HL 3851-2.
A comrade from China gave me a link to my shop in taobao with spare parts for the 3851 family of machines.
If anyone needs Link
Here is what I ordered and installed:
Kingpin, steering knuckle, half shaft - all metal

I also ordered two wheels to replace twofront of which one is broken. How can I break a wheel? Yes Easy! Head-on collision with TRAXXAS E-REVO 1: 8. how my car survived still amazed. After hitting the ground, he raised the right axle shaft, the king pin, the steering knuckle and five meters from the wheel with a broken hub.
Broken wheel

New bast shoes

Well, I bought four more plastic spores aboutstock Photos do not post - it is gear and gear in Africa. The only thing - no need to buy metal spurs. Let spur breaks better than the gearbox.
Well, I bought a new "skin" to the heap:

+ Drive !!!
+ Speed ​​(40 km / h gives out on asphalt - checked on cars at a scale of 1: 1, at 40 km / h on the speedometer, the model of the big brother overtakes)
+ Manageability
+ Four wheel drive
+ Independent suspension
- Price
- fragile
- Prices for spare parts in metal
In general, I am pleased with the model despite all itslimitations. As a projectile for the competition, it is not even considered, but as an infrequent hobby - just right. Just by acquiring this piece of china-industry you need to be morally and financially ready for repairs. Well, the city sidewalks are not for her. She needs a primer to reveal herself.
P.S. In conclusion, I propose a clip of monster riders shot on a local moto track: