free shipping 7 ″ UPAD zt-180 with Android OS 2.2, paypal accepted, free shipping

Great tablet, 2 weeks have passed since the purchase. Everything works perfectly.
I connected USB HDD from 320Gb to 1Tb (filesystem NTFS) sees the lung. USB flash drives tried up to 16Gb (FAT file systems - NTFS). From flash drives and hard drives watched photos and movies. Films of different formats are simple avi (divx) and MKV up to 20gig one movie chews perfectly without brakes, no longer found :) Video from YouTube is losing. The screen is responsive, the viewing angle is good. build quality is just super. Not a single notch slit, nothing cracks or creaks. The back wall of matte plastic is slightly rough (I do not know what this type of plastic is called) WiFi works fine within the apartment works (the quality of the receiver is at a height)

Battery life:
Approximately 6 hours with Wifi on
4:30 - 5 hours of continuous movie viewing.
Hours 8 games in angriberds :)
One minus: with the included Wi-Fi angriberds slows down, close and turn off everything before the game.
Operas: 256MB
built-in flash drive: 4GB
Screen 7 "800x 480
Battery: 2000mAH 7.4V lithium