Free Shipping GSM Wireless Home Security Alarm System + Auto Dialing O-663

I was puzzled by the security of a house located at a distance of 40 km from the apartment. I looked through all the solutions from Russian manufacturers regarding GSM alarm systems, but did not find anything interesting.
Relatively recently, I came across a mini-review of such an alarm here and decided to buy it myself.

Parcel reached me very quickly, only then 22 days.

Came here in such a large package.

Inside was a box wrapped in several layers of a pimple.

Inside there was such a box, of course she suffered a little during the trip to me.

What was inside the box pleased me pleasantly.

Grade was exactly the same as indicated in the store seller. However, as a result of the check, it was discovered that the howler is not working, but this is not terrible, I will deal with him.
In general, the purchase is very pleased, the consoles work witha distance of 10 meters, wireless sensors clearly detect movement. I haven’t bought Simka yet, but within 2 weeks I promise to buy and test it completely.
I completely forgot to write about the fact that the alarm has a built-in battery, but I still don’t know how to work from it.
Video of work with the motion sensor.