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Silicone waterproof bracelet watch.
Similar to those described earlier:
My daughter saw in the above review and asked to order.
Search gave a better result - 20pcs. (minimum order) for $ 6.60
(now the minimum lot has already risen by 50 pieces)

At the time of payment, I noticed that when paying with a visa or a mastercard, there is a $ 5 discount. Intrigued, paid without a stick and the purchase cost only $ 1.60
Asked from the seller of multi-colored. It was shipped quickly, and the watch went all the way in just 20 days.
Each watch is packaged in an individual package, neatly, arranged in rows in colors and wrapped in bubble wrap.
From 20pcs. two did not work. Some were quickly repaired - poor battery contact, the second failed to fix - flicker and lag behind wildly. Probably faulty crystal oscillator.
Otherwise, everything is as in the description - a silicone bracelet, in which is inserted and fixed on 2 screws, the actual mechanism.
Plastic mechanism, back cover for 4screwdrivers and has a groove on the back side, which is laid sealing rubber. Rubber control buttons are located below, under the body, uncomfortable. And push them uncomfortable and tight.
Surprisingly many modes - only hours, onlyminutes, only seconds, date, time with minutes, time with minutes alternating date cyclically. Between the vertically arranged minutes and seconds are blinking labels. On one watch it is Hello, on the other Sports, on the third - just two points.
On some watches there is no transparent protective sticker on the glass. Time showed 3 months 12 days, obviously this is the time of production, although what does it matter?
For hours for 2 rubles (9 without a coupon-discount) and nothing to complain about.
The seller probably will forgive 1 defective watches.
But for prevention, perhaps, a little tickle.

PS: Forgot about the size. Vlazit on children through the brush, but dangles, not flying. They even fall on my hand with difficulty, and on the wrist they keep in the manner of ordinary ones - not tight and not too loose.