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Good day, dear users.
Let's start with the fact that I bought this turtleneck for 13.$ 47. Now this turtleneck is already $ 15 - yes, of course, Christmas cheat and more. BUT, I tell you, when the demand for goods is - not a sin and overcharge. I can say one thing with certainty - for such a price, we in Russia can hardly find a similar thing. So let's start the review itself.

This product flew to me in an opaque small package. Inside was supposedly invested warranty card, in fact, which does not represent any value.

We now turn to the product itself ...
Material: 55% cotton, 43% polyester, 2% spandex.
Sewn pretty high quality, the seams are almost everywhere smooth (the seam is bitten slightly on the neck), the threads do not stick out. Looks stylish if you guess with the size.

A small minus is a tight neck, but the material stretches slightly, so it spreads over time.
Now about the size: ordered XXL. About me: height 188, shoulders 45cm, chest 100cm, sleeve length 65cm. With the size guessed right.
Words, of course, well, but the best quality will show photos.

Photo on the body

The bottom line: an adequate price for the quality of the goods. 8/10.
This is my first review, please do not particularly feel angry. I hope I wrote more or less informative.
And contrary to local traditions: