Free Shipping Mixed Ordered LB-1812 Wall Sticker Decor Kids Room

I decided to decorate one of the walls of my room and ordered a sticker. This is what came of it.
For some time now, I live not at home, renting accommodation. And in the room all the walls are beige ... It became boring for me to live in this “beige calm” and decided to buy beauty for ridiculous money)).

Everything came quickly, packaged in a “tube” of pimples, nothing was crumpled.
As received, I came home and, I think, now the whole wall as a seal! =)
Opened the package, hmmm ... the sticker turned out to be quite small, about 45cm. on 60cm. (as I pasted). The diameter of the flower is 4.5 cm.
And the seller has huge stickers on the photos,they come out all over the wall, it's a shame, but not fatal)) ... In general, I was very pleased with the purchase, it looks beautiful if you want to peel it off - it is easy (even from wallpaper, if not the simplest of paper).
And a photo of my wall:

Have a nice day and shopping, of course! =)