Freeshipping Gerber 119 Outdoor Mini Folding Knife Hunting Camping Pocket Knives Black Blade Metal Aluminum

I'm going to go to the sea, and as it turned out, inthe carriage will have nothing to chop the sausage, cut the tomatoes. I decided to buy a tool for this: not very big, so that they would not be put off the train, and not too small, so that it would be convenient to cut bread.
For some reason, folding knives are mostly thickwide blade and pretty scary in appearance (in the sense that they can scare). After a long search, I stopped at this option, the only thing that did not like the clip was with most knives. Ordered - about a month received. A knife in a pimply envelope, inside a primitive box with pictures, inside a knife. It opens easily, cuts too, is quite sharp and the metal is not the most crap. Of course, the fact that his hardness is not HRC 55 is unambiguous (although there is nothing to check), but this is not a stainless steel kitchen that we sell in all hardware stores. I wanted to unscrew the clip, but I didn’t find a suitable screwdriver, but I couldn’t find a simple screwdriver - the screwdriver is crushed. So the screws are hot. In general, while the clip let hang. In his hand, the knife is comfortable, it is also convenient to cut, the blade would be slightly thinner, and not 2.5 mm. In general, the knife for the money is not bad, I recommend.